Saturday 7 June 2008

Fabulous Fridays: because they are, and so are you.

When I originally started this blog, my vision was to gabble ceaselessly about my favourite beauty products. Because I'm a shallow girl at heart, and without my makeup and hair products I'd be truly lost. And much less attractive.

So then I started writing posts, and while I have more than enough gabbling and products to fill a whole blog, the desire to talk about things other than beauty products kept creeping in. So I decided to give beauty products
their rightful place - as a special - and occasional - Friday feature. Because Fridays ARE fabulous, and even if you spend your Friday evening wearing your pyjama bottoms and a scruffy tshirt, inhaling Doritos Minstrels, you're still several percent more fabulous than if you were doing the same thing on a Tuesday night, because Tuesdays just AREN'T fabulous. Fridays are. Mostly because you don't have to work the next day. Well. Most of us don't, anyway.

I'm starting off Fabulous Fridays with the first in a vaguely regular series about my favourite products that have been torn mercilessly away from my wretched hands by evil corporations. And what better product to start with my Ultimate Favouritest Hair Product Ever.


As someone who is 'blessed' with naturally curly hair, I'm never going to be a wash-and-go girl.

Digging the early '90s reference? I thought so.

to its own devices, my hair is that temperamental mixture of wavy and curly, ultimately coming together to form Frizzy. Or Bushy, or Fuzzy... it's a mess, basically. So, on any given day (unless it's one of those days when you know you're not leaving the house and don't even bother putting your contact lenses in) I'm wearing at least four products on my hair.

Several years ago, I received a free sample of Sunsilk's Waves and Curls Aloe Vera Serum, and dutifully applied it as suggested. Before this point, I'd relied on 'scrunch sprays' to create a more structured curl, although they often left my hair crispy and me wishing I'd just got the straighteners out. But Sunsilk was a new brand, with good advertising, and they were cheap, so I figured why not.

And I've never looked back. Because you apply it when it's still wet, Sunsilk shapes how your hair dries. My frizz end up in neat, structured curls and ringlets, with a beachy matte finish.
It's more of a cream than a serum, so application is tricky - I tend to squeeze a smallish blob onto the palm of my hands, rub them together carefully (it's a spiller) and then stroke over my hair. To prevent residue, I then brush it through, and scrunch it up with my hands, creating the shape which my hair will then dry in.

I tend to team it with a regular serum, applied first, to control the frizzies by my parting, and a scrunch spray for afterwards and later touch-ups, if needed. Sunsilk Serum - you're a lifesaver.
Sadly, Unilever UK who make it, do not care that their products are legendary. And I quote:

Thank you for your recent email. I'm sorry to tell you that we have stopped making Sunsilk Waves and Curls Leave In Conditioner due to low demand. As a regular buyer, this is obviously disappointing news for you. If you would kindly forward me your contact details, I will be happy to send you a voucher to put towards another product from our range.

Low sales? Considering one bottle lasts me about three months, I can see why they might have got that perception. But I can't help but wish there could be some kind of alert system for soon-to-be-discontinued products. I would have bought all the ones I could find. Wish I did, in fact, do a few years ago, when I freaked out because I couldn't find it anywhere - I bought ten bottles in the first shop I saw them in. That time, I was wrong. This time, my fear was justified.

Luckily, if you're a convert you can still buy it on - it's a slightly different formula but works just as well (well, almost), and you
can get it in packs of 6. Stock up.


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