Saturday 19 July 2008

Fabulous Fridays: Who Lives In A Pineapple Under The Sea?

The first time I went for a proper haircut in a salon not owned by a friend of my mum's, I spent most of the following day sniffing my hair in wonder (instead of dwelling on having a fringe again for the first time in 18 years). Where I'd gone previously, my £7 got me a decent dry cut, but suddenly I realised that shelling out a bit more meant experiencing a whole world of professional wash-and-blowdries... and I liked it.

The dialogue went something like this:
"Oh my god, you've changed your hair!"
"I know! But smell it!"
"It smells like freaking PINEAPPLES!"

"You're an oddity."

Yes, fringe be damned, because for two blissful days, I had pineapple-hair. And then I washed it, and the pineapple faded. But I did have an awesome fringe to play with. Still, I kept thinking about the pineapple-hair, because I love pineapples. It's one of the few smells that is just as good when it's artificial as when it's fresh. Seriously, when are Haribo going to retire the rest of the Tangfastics and just bring out bags of the pineapple dummy/key things? Pineapples = love.

Luckily, while in the hairdressers, I'd seen the girl washing my hair heading over to a display of Tigi products, so a simple googling session of 'Tigi pineapple hair straight yum so good' set me on the right track to....

Tigi Control Freak!

Ebay sourced me a couple of salon-sized bottles and I was ready to rock. It was still pineappley, but never quite as much as that first time. But that didn't matter too much, because it turned out the shampoo, conditioner and serum (not so much the hairspray - I think I got a dud one because it comes out like mousse... nice.) were pretty damn good products, especially for hair that's about to be straightened.

There's some kind of slick-quifying technology as they put it, but I think of it as like slime. You know how when you watch those programmes where they shower people with slime, and it's this weird thick, gloopy consistency? Tigi puts me in mind of that. It kind of coats your hair so it has that weird slippery feeling it gets after you've left intensive conditioner on it for ages. It's also the thickest shampoo I've ever used. You can't rub it in without extra water (normally just cupping my hand under the shower to scoop up some extra water does the trick) and it takes ages to get it out of the pump bottles. But then when you get out and start drying, your hair feels like it's already been serumed. Add a tiny bit of the serum (and I mean a TINY bit, because this stuff with re-grease your hair up in seconds if you overdo it, and because it's all weird and jelly-like, it's really easy to take too much) But then when you've done all that, you'll find your hair takes straightening much better - less frizzies, less kinking - and gleams with health. Even if underneath it's in horrible over-straightened condition - no one will ever know!

Also, it smells like pineapples. What's not to love?

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