Thursday, 2 July 2009

GLASTONBURY!!! - an unneccessarily long post.

So I am back from Glastonbury! It was FREAKING AWESOME. It was my fourth year, so I could walk around being all like, 'I am an exPEEERT!' But, actually, I was so well-prepared for the weather and conditions this year that I do kind of feel that way. A careless person could have caught both heatstroke, trenchfoot and hypothermia. ON THE SAME DAY. (Sunday)

Actually, the weather was pretty good - it rained on Thursday, making Friday a day for wellies, but after that it got all hot and the mud dried up and by Sunday, it was totally flipflop weather! But then at about 1am on Sunday there was a monsoon, which I got caught in and it resulted in my phone getting drowned. This happens to me a LOT.

Here are my Glastonbury Highlights:
Lady Gaga! She's batshit crazy and incredible. I wanted to youtube her acoustic version of Poker Face, but the BBC said no.

Little Boots! She's sparkly and tiny and adorable! You need to buy her album! It's like if Kylie was still good!

Paul Smith's (Maximo Park) pelvic thrusting and reinforced crotch!

Being in the middle of a huge crowd all singing 'Tender' by Blur. I may have cried a little.

CANS OF FIZZY WINE. Lidl, I love you.

I did two things differently this year from normal.
1 - I lived in dresses.
Normally, I wear jeans to festivals, and then inevitably get caught in the rain and they take four years to dry because the material is so thick, and the bottom of the jeans gets all encrusted with mud so by the end of the festival you're all out of clean clothes and are forced to push your foot through the bottom of your jeans which are entirely stuck together with mud and GOD. It's awful.

The benefit with dresses and skirts is that they don't really get close enough to the mud to suffer, and you can change your tights if they get muddy or rain-soaked, you can layer up if it's cold and also, short skirts, tights and wellies actually looks pretty cute. This also goes for shorts, but I do not have the legs or bum for shorts. So, yeah, not only is this practical, but I also felt way less gross this year than ever before, because everyone knows that as soon as you put on a sundress, you feel instantly prettier.

Add an array of coloured eyeliners and you'll be totally hot, even when you haven't showered in five days.
2 - I straightened my hair.
My hair is naturally curly. So, in the past, I've gone off to Glasto with it all curly, and haven't brushed or washed it the whole time, and by the end of the festival it is normally looking pretty dread-lock-esque. Not cute. Anyway, so this year, I decided to experiment with straightening it, because I figured that I could use dry shampoo, and plait it, and stuff. And I did! I'm still not convinced about dry shampoo, to be honest, I can't see that it makes MUCH difference to my hair, but it was still nice to brush it. Also, it meant I could do cute hairstyles with plaits and things, and wearing it up for the bulk of the festival meant that by the time Saturday and Sunday rolled around and I took it out, it was all clean and smooth and nice. Hurrah!

Considering what a photog I've been lately, I didn't take very many photos this year at ALL, which makes me sad. The spare battery I bought for my cameraphone didn't work so I was preserving battery for attempting to stay in touch with people.
Check out my friend Russell's photos on his Flickr, though. Or my Day in a Life from last year. Doesn't it look awesome? You should go! But give me a chance to get my ticket for 2010 first, okay?

What festivals are you going to this summer, or, what festivals have you always wanted to go to? My vote goes to South by Southwest in Texas. One year I will go! Erin always makes it sound so awesome.


  1. i have always wanted to go to glastonbury! i think in the next year or 2 i shall make it a reality.

  2. You really should! Next year is an anniversary of some sort so it's going to be a really good one. It's the BEST festival, mostly because there is so much to do, it's not just about the music. In fact, every year when people ask me who I'm most looking forward to seeing, I never have an answer because I'm really just looking forward to the experience - the music is a plus. :)


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