Friday 6 May 2011

It's a nice day for a white wedding.

Sup, guys. I'm just hanging on my staircase in my huge mansion, wearing a pretty damn fabulous frock. What's that? My hair DOES look awesome. You are so RIGHT.

Ah, you see right through me. I went to a wedding last week! I LOVE A WEDDING. I love a wedding for many reasons.

1) Free wine.
2) Free cake.
4) Free champagne.
5) Seeing all my friends even the ones who live millions of miles away.
6) This wedding had FREE CHEESE.
7) Dancing all night.
8) Fascinators.
9) Amazing outfits.
10) Free wine.

One of my old sort-of-school friends got married last Sunday - I say sort of because I didn't actually go to school with him, but my group of Girl's School friends all hung out with his group of Boy's School friends. Ergo, one big group. Lots of parties. Being a teenager was ACE. So, we all descended upon this beautiful venue in Windsor for all of the aforementioned things, and lots of dancing.

I was excited to wear this dress, because I've had it since January. I got it in the Warehouse sale for a bargainous £20 - down from £85!! It was a little tight when I got it, but because I've been such a health freak of late, when it came to the wedding it was actually a little loose.

It's actually deepest turquoise, although in the pictures it looks blue. Stunning though, no?

Fancypants wedding hair!

I was also excited to do Wedding Hair. I've wanted to do a beehive for a while, and this is definitely an updo dress. So, armed with a can of hairspray and Carrie's tutorial, I set to work. And it was pretty good! It stayed in all night, and sure, the back isn't really beehive like, but it still looks complex (it's really not, it's two buns, one on top of the other). And backcombing is EASY. Who knew? Also, YES. The red is back. I missed it too much!

Oh, but this girl's dress totally upstaged mine. How very dare she.

(Doesn't she look gorgeous?)

Dress - Warehouse
Shoes - Matalan
Earrings - Accessorize
Ring - Topshop

It was an amazing wedding, anyway. I'm sad it's over. More people get married now, please. And invite me.


  1. Such a beautiful venue! Your hair looks amazing, as does your dress (: xx

  2. your dress is GORGEOUS!!!!! you look stunning


  3. Wow stunning, looks a great place. You look beautiful, love the hair, so elegant xxx

  4. Corr, someone looks beautiful missy! I love the colour of that dress - it really suits you :) It certainly looks like a beautiful venue. I've got my 'brother-in-laws' wedding in September and I'm already too frigging excited.

  5. I do love a good wedding, this one looks like fun! Your dress is gorgeous, and you've really made me want to try out a beehive! xx

  6. I do love a good wedding, this one looks like fun! Your dress is gorgeous, and you've really made me want to try out a beehive! xx

  7. I do love a good wedding, this one looks like fun! Your dress is gorgeous, and you've really made me want to try out a beehive! xx

  8. Oh my gosh - free CHEESE! Amazing. You look absolutely gorgeous - your hair looks awesome, looks like it would have taken hours! Love that dress too, what a bargain.

  9. Looks like an amazing wedding, damn I love fireworks!

    Loving the dress, and all the happy pictures and your lovely wedding hair. Beautiful coloured dress, and go you for your health freak-ness.

  10. I was sold on free cake! You look stunnning.

  11. Gorgeous dress! I love a wedding too. I would love to be a bridesmaid for someone! x

  12. You look stunning, your hair is amazing!

  13. Your hair DOES look amazing!
    I really want some free cheese and wine right now... x

  14. Hair looks stunning as oes the dress!

    X x

  15. Aaaaah I love weddings! Maybe I should get married soon, would you come up to scotland just for that? :p I have to tell you dude, I was just reading your descripton, questions and pr pages up there and you make me laugh SO much :) Ive said it before and I'll say it again. YOU ROCK MY WORLD! But tea does not taste like rock pools. I have to change your opinion on that one xx

    Ps. TOTALLY meant to say you look gorgeous, you did a great job on the beehive :) xx

  16. your hair looks lovely! i love the colour.
    your dress is gorgeous too :)

  17. I love a good wedding, especially for the FREE wine! You looks beauts x

    I also too, am I lover of a wedding, getting a bit tipsy, taking lots of photos, dancing to cheesy music with friends & loved ones- PERFECTO!
    You look totally stunning, the hair is gorgeous, and you just a total beaut in the dress

  19. Your hair looks stunning! You look stunning! Your friends look stunning!

    Ohh free wine! Stunning!

    (I tihnk I have made my point now...)

  20. Ooo, I love weddings. They're so much fun. I love the dress you're wearing and your hair does look awesome.
    The bride looks gorgeous.

  21. I LOVE your dress, and your hairdo looks so pretty - I think I'm going to have to look at the tutorial. Can't beat a good wedding!

  22. Aw that dress is gorgeous! You look wonderful :)

    You're on my wedding guest list lady :) xx

  23. You look beautiful and the wedding looks lovely!

    Maria xxx

  24. In some of these photos you look so much like my friend Amy it's scary. She loves free cheese too

  25. You look incredible here, you beautiful creature! <3



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