Friday 23 August 2013

Hopelessly devoted to you.

The thing with going to lots of weddings is that many of the people getting married are my favourite ladies. Which means just one thing…. HEN DO! I’ve been to tons of hen dos – I even posted about organising one a little while ago – and every one has been different.

Despite the 2 weddings I’ve had this year, I’ve only had one hen do (so far), and that was last weekend. My friend (and boss!) Gemma is getting married next month, and so it was back to Brighton for a proper, old school, tacky hen do. And it was brilliant.

We hired this lovely house on Dean Street which I really recommend. It was 2 minutes walk from the main shopping centre, not far from the beach and about two doors away from McDonalds. You can’t ask for much more, can you? It fit 10 of us in easily too – I so much prefer staying in houses to hotels at hen dos as it’s much more sociable. Also it means you can have pyjama parties!

On Saturday we went to Bar 76 for their Coyote Ugly class. It was SUCH a good activity. For a super reasonable £33 each, we got a 2 hour dance class with Roxy, taking it in turns to dance ON THE BAR. They’ve kitted it out with a non stick, non slip surface and a bar to hold onto, so we could really channel our inner Coyotes.

Plus, in the evening, we returned to the bar where we got VIP treatment (including a huge reserved area) and then performed the dance in front of a crowded bar at around midnight. Honestly, I was kind of worried I would find the whole thing cringey and would hate it, but it was so much fun and a surprising rush getting up on the bar to dance. I really, really recommend.

I know what you’re thinking ‘But Sarah, this is Friday Frocks! Where’s the Frock? WHERE’S THE FROCK?’ Here is the Frock, my friends:

Dress - Topshop
Tutu & Tshirt - Not sure sorry!
Shoes (not visible) French Sole ballet pumps c/o Spartoo

I know what you’re thinking ‘But Sarah! That’s a skirt and top!’ Damnit, you caught me. But I wore them OVER a frock (that tutu was far too short to contain my bum) so it still counts. This frock! The girls added the stickers to the vest tops themselves and along with the little tutus and adorable hats, we had a whole burlesque thing going on. Which I think is why the dancing wasn’t as cringey as I thought it would be, because being in costume kind of felt like a disguise.

I’m only just about recovered, but it was an awesome weekend. The perfect combination of fun things to do and down time. We had time to wander round the shops, go to the beach and even hang on the pier. Bloody lovely.

I’ve decided that as I go to so many hen dos, I want to compile my experiences somewhere. So I’m going to start a blog about them. I'll be sharing the link here really soon!


  1. Great post - looks like you had a lovely time! Loving the outfit! :)

  2. Oh my GOD! That's bloody brilliant! I thought the class was a good idea but actually performing it?! amazing fun! I'd probably die of embarrassment but it would do wonders for the self confidence I guess! Awesome! x

  3. This sounds amazing, I would love to go to a Coyote Ugly class!

    Maria xxx


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