Friday 11 October 2013

Pink, it was love at first sight.

It hardly seems like five minutes ago that I was like ‘Okay you guys, I know that I go to a lot of weddings.’ BUT! I’ve only actually been to two this year. Just two! That’s not THAT many. Oh, wait. This post is about a wedding I went to a couple of weeks ago. Just three! Three weddings! That’s not that many!

Okay and maybe there are two more coming up in the next few weeks. Just five! That's... okay, quite a lot. I’m just great at weddings, okay? People want me there. I’m gifted at drinking all the wine, dancing like a lunatic and crying at the ceremony. And usually at the speeches. I just love them. I love them so much. I haven’t got any booked in for next year yet, and I am bereft. Is anyone getting married next year? Can I come?

I’d just like to clarify that the above is NOT how I get invited to so many weddings. Honest.

This wedding was for Gemma. Remember the cake? It was her cake! I will be posting independently about the cake, because it turns out I have a lot to say about the cake. Cake. But anyway, what was lovely about the wedding was the level of involvement all her friends had. On our pod at work, we had her hair stylist and makeup artist, a bridesmaid, the person who did the reading, and me, the baker. I love that – I think that sometimes weddings can seem a bit impersonal, but all my favourite ones are the ones where you can tell they’ve thought about everyone there, and got people involved. Plus, I like to be involved. Because I’m a meddler.

Dress - Debenhams
Fascinator - Crown & Glory
Jewellery - Topshop & Swarovski
Bag c/o BritStitch
Blink Court Shoes c/o Spartoo

I wore an old dress from Debenhams (first featured here) which I’ve just realised is what I did at the last wedding I went to. Oh – and the dress from the wedding before that was also Debenhams! It’s good for wedding outfits, we all know that, right? I love this dress though – it’s super colourful but has always been a bit tight. And yeah, it was still a little snug, but it was nice to wear something that felt like it fit. All my clothes lately seem so stretched. :( Also, I picked up this adorable little fascinator from Crown & Glory which just matched perfectly. In fact, I put a photo on Instagram when I was trying to decide which of the options I’d bought to wear, and you can barely see it against the dress. Now that’s good matching, right?

I didn’t bring my trusty Compeed anti blister stick and it meant I was out of my patent red heels and into my flats before dinner had started. The lesson here is always bring the anti blister stick. Always!

I'm a bridesmaid at the next wedding I'm going to, so THAT outfit is sorted, but I'm still debating what to wear to my November wedding. I'm coming very close to buying this stunning cobalt dress - I just love that shade of blue. Thoughts?



  1. Those are the classiest damn jagerbombs I've ever seen.

    P.S. I've only been to one wedding but my older brother has been to a couple. It was his friend's sister's wedding and last time the friend was round and my brother was trying to convince us that his friend's parents liked him, the friend said: 'no they hate you because you destroyed my sister's wedding'

    Worst wedding guest ever?

  2. Gorgeous outfit, and gorgeous photos.
    I love a wedding, and generally get to go to a few from doing hair, and having friends around the 'marrying age' :) Gives me a chance to dress up and quaff wine so it's fine by me.

  3. I love this outfit. It's perfect for a wedding. X

  4. This wedding looks like so much fun! You look lovely too - love the fascinator!

  5. Please give me all your weddings tips. In March, I've got the wedding of my boyfriend's best friend's sister (keep up!). I've never met the couple, I'm going as date. Scary stuff! Help?


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