Sunday 23 February 2014

Home of my own.

Stairs of dreams!

It may be at least a year until I can buy the home of my dreams, but I am wishlisting like crazy. It's kind of silly, because I have nowhere to store all the things I'm lusting after, I'm trying to save money like crazy and by the time I move I will probably find that shops are no longer selling the lovely things that I want. Oh, it's a tough life I live.

So, in a year, my tastes might have totally changed, but right now I want duck egg blue walls and lots of lovely white furniture. The perfect combo of girlie and grown-up, no?

I actually never thought I'd be interested in things like dining room sets, but I've been browsing the Furniture Choice website and have discovered that I was wrong. Damn wrong. I adore this one! It's modern and would fit in with my nice white colour scheme. And it's good value!

I've hung onto my bed which is dismantled in our garage at the moment, but I'm more than a little tempted to trade it in for this one. It's a lot like my Leirvik, but so much more ornate.

I can never find a wardrobe big enough for all my dresses though. Two of these, please!

I've never had a dressing table, but maybe this time I'll have space for it! Although it usually comes down to a choice between a dressing table and a desk, and having somewhere to write and draw is always going to be more important to me than sitting down to put on makeup. Decisions, decisions...

I don't ACTUALLY want this for my future bedroom, but I had to include it. I had a cabin bed when I was a kid and I LOVED it. You could crawl under the desk and behind the drawers and it was a special little hiding place. Except everyone knew about it. Also! We used to pile up pillows at the foot of the ladder and leap off. Which probably wasn't the safest game in the world. Fun, though...

Well, compiling this post has been torture. But I have mentally spent the last few months' savings, so it's definitely been productive!

Oh Pinterest. You source of so much beautiful roomspiration.



  1. Love painted furniture, my house is full of it! Can be so cost effective too buying something cheap and painting it just gives it a new lease of life!
    Hannah x

  2. Oh god, I need those bookshelves!

  3. book wall!!! I'm moving into rented accommodation soon (cheap enough to still save for my own home) and am trying to find ways of perking it up with paint and wall art. So hard when it's not my own do to with as I please. My boyfriend used to live there with all his mates and it's a bachelor pad. IKKY. I'm adding lilac and cream and photos and candles against his wishes xx

  4. It's so funny how interested in home decor you get when you're looking at a place of your own. I'm doing exactly the same! All I know for sure is that I'll be needing a lot of bookshelves. Good luck with your hunt :) x


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