Monday 31 March 2014

Reasons to be Cheerful #9

Jeez, it's practically April, the year is going so fast. But there are lots of reasons to be cheerful, even if time is slipping away at a terrifying rate. Here are mine for the week... what are yours?

1. Ryan Gosling. How has it taken me this long to feature this perfect specimen of manliness?

2. I'm obsessed with the idea of making this deep dish chocolate chip cookie with caramel and sea salt. I mean, RIGHT.

3. How cute is this watch? It makes me think of my best friend's wedding theme.

4. Be cheerful that you are not a T-Rex, and can enjoy great hugs. Also, bonus points for not being extinct!

5. The Grimm! The Grimm! Amazeballs.


7. And finally, if living in a country where anyone can get married isn't a reason to be cheerful, I don't know what is. It's ridiculous to me that two people of the same gender were ever forbidden from being together, and I'm proud to live somewhere where the stigma of homosexuality is being broken down. I loved this article from Sandi Toksvig about her marriage - and this article about the best of her vow renewal.

Have a cheerful week, everyone!

1 comment

  1. Ryan Gosling <3!!!
    The cookie thing looks amazing!


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