Monday 28 April 2014

Make Work Wonderful

I was recently sent this article about 10 classic TV office romances, and it struck a chord with me. Not just because a fair few of these made me sob my little heart out - Tim and Dawn! Jim and Pam! (Ssshhh, it's not the same) And oh, oh - Leslie and Ben!

I've been thinking a lot about office romances lately - it's made me realise just how many office crushes I've had over the years. Quite a few, it turns out, but we spend most of our lives at work, is it really that surprising? I actually kind of love an office crush. It makes the working day so much more interesting - that thrill of excitement when you end up alone in the lift together, a bit of playful flirting over the tea round, finding excuses to go and ask them a question... I mean, sure, it can quickly escalate from fun, meaningless flirting into that hopeless stage where you realise you legitimately like this person and either need to act on it or get a new job, but that stage isn't always a bad thing...

If you know anything about what I've been up to lately, you won't be surprised to know I'm a fan of the former. I met my boyfriend Matt at work and it's worked out great so far - so I'm all for acting on it (as long as you're both single, obviously!). Being part of a workplace romance is pretty great. There are downsides; everyone in the office knows a little too much about your relationship and the teasing can be relentless. But they're pretty small cons compared to being able to meet your boyfriend for lunch every day.

There are lots of other ways that you can make your work wonderful though, which is why Twinings Infusions have sponsored the Make Work Wonderful hub on the Huffington Post. Take a look at some of the great articles, such as why work friendships are good for your health, 10 reasons gossiping is good for the soul, ways to improve your work/life balance and even tips on dating a coworker - useful!

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  1. I could never work with Mark (we would fight like cat and dog!) but it sounds pretty ace to have your beau on hand to go for lunch and things!

    Maria xxx

  2. Hmm, I've been there with the (sometimes dodgy) work romances and it's not always amazing.

  3. I met my boyfriend through my part-time job, although we both rarely work there. I definitely think office romances can work :) Also, I've been watching The Office (US) recently and JIM AND PAM <3 xx


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