Thursday 22 May 2014

29 Again.

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It's my birthday in a little over two months, and I'm already thinking about what I'd like to do. There's something about being a summer baby that always makes me want to do SOMETHING - don't you find that nice weather makes you want to do so much more than sitting in the pub? Last year I had a great time - I went to Vinopolis and then for food and drinks in the Mulberry Bush Pub on the South Bank, but this year? Well, I'm still deciding at the moment, but I thought I'd share some of my options with you. Maybe you'll find something in here that you'd like to do this summer...

Visit the gin museum!
You guys, the world has answered our prayers and is opening a MUSEUM ABOUT GIN. You also get a free G&T thrown in with your ticket, which seems fair. Could you imagine finding all about gin and then not getting some at the end? I would probably just take a hipflask.

Take in a show
Sometimes I think it would be cool to do something you've always been curious about, like see a long standing show such as Les Miserables or even Cirque du Soleil (which is on at the o2 right now). The more I think about it, the more shows I can think of that I'd like to experience - there's a giant West End list!

Stuff my face
I'll be honest, this is kind of a given for my birthday, but I'd like to use it as an excuse to try something different. Maybe just an epic burger or two - I'm still dying to try Patty & Bun, Honest Burger and Bleecker Street - but there's also Hawksmoor, Bubble Dogs (which always makes me think of Hamm & Buble) and the Big Easy. And probably some less carnivorous options, too.

Dance the night away
I hate saying that I go clubbing, because clubbing suggests thumping bass and house music and I'm far more a grubby indie club or tacky cheesefest kind of girl. At the moment I can't decide between Ultimate Power and Guilty Pleasures, though - I've gone to both of these and they're amazing. Ultimate Power is a whole night of power ballads, such a feelgood evening, and Guilty Pleasures have done nights at Glastonbury before and is basically filled with awesome cheese. I must confess I didn't feel too guilty about most of the songs though - I mean, 'We Are Never Getting Back Together' by Taylor Swift is just GOOD.

Party like it's 1929
I went to the Blitz Party a couple of years ago, and really enjoyed getting dressed up in 40s garb (I was especially proud of my victory rolls), but next I'd really like to try the Prohibition Party. I hear they serve cocktails in teacups! The only thing that gives me pause is 20s garb - I'm much better shaped for 50s style than flapper dresses...

Scream my lungs out
I bloody love rollercoasters. I bloody do. I'm really hoping for an Alton Towers trip this year, although as my birthday is the first week of the summer holidays, it's probably not an option. Maybe something to book in for when those little pests go back to school, though.

What do you think? Any other suggestions - or have you done anything on this list before



  1. Bleecker St burgers are the best, I say have one of those and then dance it off :) xx

  2. I'm keeping mine pretty quiet - I have no plans really, but I never make much birthday fuss.

  3. We went to the Clapham Common Foodies festival last year, and this year we're going to the Battersea one (mid July I think). Such a great day out- loads of food including brands big and small, and lots of places to sit and take it all in. Mother and I managed to drink over £100 of champagne at the Lanson tent as we found a great seat in the sun after perusing the stands all morning. Ooops. Definitely recommend for a great day out.

  4. I'm sorry, gin museum? GIN MUSEUM? I must go. Immediately.


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