Thursday 7 August 2014

6 Things to do near King's Cross at lunchtime

Although I work outside London, I often have to come in for work and one of my favourite parts is generally deciding where to eat. Ruled by my stomach, me. I used to find it really hard to make myself take a lunch hour every day – sometimes it was so much easier to grab a sandwich at my desk. These days, I make a point of it, because I really feel that taking some time out every day does wonders to clear my head, even if I’m just popping to Boots or Asda.

There aren’t too many great places to go at lunch near my current workplace, but on the occasions I’ve popped to King's Cross for work I’ve been spoilt for choice. Flexioffices challenged me to come up with ways for people to live their lunch break, so here are my top tips for a few different places to visit nearby...

1. KERB at Granary Square
Every Tuesday-Friday lunchtime, KERB is at Granary Square at King's Cross. There's awesome street food (including the best nachos in the world) and the chance to get away from it all - there are even deckchairs!

2. Camley Street Natural Park
Yes, there's a nature reserve near King's Cross! Escape there on your summer lunchtimes, and enjoy the wildlife and flowers.

3. Caravan
Caravan's not the cheapest, so try and escape here on a business lunch if you can (oh, expenses, you wonderful beast). All the food is super yummy, though - last time I went, the creamed corn was my favourite. And the chorizo and sweet potato croquettes. Mmmm.

4. Drink Shop Do
This awesome little shop on Caledonian Road has lots of handmade, unique products, but also sells cake and cocktails... and has cool little crafty classes too. If you can make time for one on your lunchtime, go - I did candle making here a little while back, it was so fun!

5. British Library
I know the British Library is not like normal libraries, but it still has that calming air that I think all libraries have. They're so peaceful, and being surrounded by books is pretty wonderful, right? Especially when you've had a stressful day.

6. St Pancras station
It's not just a station though, is it? As well as plenty of decent shops like Cath Kidston and Hamley's, it's also pretty damn nice to look at. Why not sit at the piano and play a few tunes to unwind from work? Because you can't play the piano? Yeah, that's my excuse too. Okay. Go get a cupcake at Peyton & Byrne instead.

Oh, and if you’ve managed to score the afternoon off, might I recommend really maximising your lunch hour and hopping on the Thameslink to my hometown of St Albans? We can have afternoon tea!

How do you #LiveYourLunchBreak?


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