Wednesday 10 December 2014

If I were a rich girl...

Sometimes it’s fun to imagine what you’d request for Christmas if you were surrounded by millionaires. Generous millionaires. I’m not, nor am I one, so I would never seriously expect any of this stuff. But if someone who loved me won the lottery all of a sudden, I wouldn’t say no...

Kitchen Aid
They’re so expensive, and I feel that they can’t truly be worth the money... and yet everyone I know who has one loves it, and they’re so attractive and glossy. It kind of annoys me that I want one so much.

All the Orla Kiely dresses
It’s really not on that Orla Kiely makes dresses that are so exactly my taste and so far from my budget.
one | two | three

An awesome present would be someone to change my bedding every single day. It is pretty much my least favourite job ever but then it's so worth it when you get into a freshly made bed with cool, perfectly smooth sheets. So yes. I would like someone to take care of my opulent furnishings. It would basically be like a hotel, but more comfortable - I might even get some hotel bed runners and oodles of cushions to really complete the feel. And room service, 24/7. Obvs.

Mulberry Handbag
Such a blogger cliché but I do completely buy into the brand. They are way, way, way too much money for what they are, but also they’re beautiful quality and would last forever. I totally want one.

While I’m not quite after a diamond ring just yet (although these diamond rings are so beautiful), a girl can never turn down diamonds, can she? I like to think that if I was super rich, I’d be dripping in them. Just because I COULD.

Yeah, can I have a castle please? Any of these will do nicely (sidenote: a fun exercise is to put an unlimited budget into Rightmove and search ‘High to Low’. Although sometimes that can be depressing when you consider your real life budget...)

Basically I just want to spend my life dressed like Kaylee going to the ball.

Private Jet
I would accept first class, as long as I got to go EVERYWHERE. Travelling is absolutely what I’d do if I won the lottery for real.

I’m actually kind of amused that this post started out with practical but pricey things and then quickly progressed to castles and private jets. I’m not sure I’d be the most responsible rich person...

PS – This is a total wish fulfilment post and obviously if I was really super rich I’d give massive amounts of my money to charity, and almost definitely not spend it all irresponsibly on diamonds.



  1. I can maybe help you out with the kitchenaid, I entered a comp earlier - if you win instead of me, you have to share!

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. I forgot to click the Notify button! Terribly sorry.
    But I would still love to be invited to a ball or two at your castle! :)


  4. I can promise that a kitchenaid is well worth the money, I've had mine for almost 10 years and it's still going strong. You'll never be disappointed :D

    Katie xoxo


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