Thursday 8 January 2015

Normal is the watchword.

I'm one of those people who wears a watch every day, and will wear that watch for years. I had my last watch for 10 years before I replaced it - and even then, it was because I was sick of it, rather than it falling apart! But I must be getting more fickle in my old age, as I find myself looking around at new watches, even though I've only had my current one for a couple of years.

I was recently sent some info about Shinola, who recently launched their UK site and Carnaby Street shop. These aren't budget watches by any means, but as they handcraft all their products, these are real investment pices. I'm a fan of the watches (my favourites are below) but they even sell pet accessories too. I kind of love the idea of being matchy matchy with my cat, haha. The middle watch is so interesting too, and it would go perfectly with my trusty leather backpack from Sabrina.



  1. I like that middle one, it's different!

  2. love the top middle one, I haven't had a nice watch in ages I really need to get one

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