Wednesday 18 February 2015

Holiday planning: Paris

I'm off to Paris in a few weeks for a long weekend, thanks to getting overexcited when the Eurostar sale was on at the end of last year... and promptly booking tickets in March, even though the sale was only valid until February. They were still an awesome deal though, and we've just secured a cute airbnb apartment that I'm really excited about.

I found it really useful to do a trip planning post when I went to Florence - as much as I hope that it helped you guys if you're looking to go, I found myself referring back to it loads when I was in Italy. And as so many of my favourite bloggers seem to spend their weekends in Paris, I'm stealing lots of inspiration from them for when I go.

This was going to be about 'things to do' but it turns out that all I want to do in Paris is eat, so...

1. Fondue
I want to go to Pain Vin Fromage partially because it came up when I googled 'best fondue in Paris' but equally because its name translates to Bread Wine Cheese, which sounds like my kind of place. I think I might want to live there.

2. Burgers
Carrie has some great Paris recommendations, but the one that's stuck in my mind is this burger restaurant, Blend. I wouldn't necessarily think of having a burger in Paris, but these look so good...

3. Steak
I like my steak so rare it's still breathing, so I'm pretty up for the land of steak bleu. There are lots of great sounding steak restaurants popping up on my searches - I'm probably going to go for one of these.

4. Macarons
I do love Laduree, but their flavours are a little safe. Pierre Herme has been on my list forever, so maybe this time I'll finally sample a few.

5. Wine
Matt's already promised to bring no clothes with him so we can fill a suitcase full of wine to bring back - the perks of going via the Eurostar! (FYI, there are restrictions, but nothing like on a flight) I've tracked down these tips on buying wine for cheapos. Yay! Cheap, good wine!

Do you have any other Paris recommendations for me (they don't have to be all food, but it doesn't hurt). I've been before and done most of the sights, so I'm excited to go for a more leisurely trip this time. It's also our first anniversary when we're there, which seems pretty apt for the city of love. I found this list of cheap date ideas in Paris, which I may have to work my way through too. We're only there Friday-Monday though, so I don't know how many we'll be able to fit in! One thing's for sure, I need to invest in some better walking shoes to survive all the pavement pounding - I'm eyeing these funky turquoise Converse trainers at the moment.



  1. I long to go to Paris again soon! We had the most wonderful steak at a place called Café Hugo on Place des Vosges. We shared a huge rib of beef, practically still moo-ing, while watching the world go by on the square. They do an amazing onion soup too. Enjoy!!

    Rosie xx

  2. Fondue? Can I come in your suitcase please?

  3. Love this! I am headed to Paris in April so this has given me loads of ideas of where to go, thanks!

  4. Oh, I can't wait for a trip to Paris. Was supposed to be off there last November but then various things happened and we ended up breaking up instead. Bah. But I'm determined to go this year. Kicking myself now for passing up the Eurostar sale.

  5. I haven't been to Paris in years, sounds like you've got such a fun trip planned! xx

    Ioanna |

  6. We just got back from Paris having had a really fabulous time, in particular- when we realised we'd need a reservation for Pain Vin Fromage a FABULOUS cheese place (shop and restaurant). They specialise in curating really wonderful cheese plates and they have some lovely wines. It's in Montmartre and we went on a Saturday night but would be just as fun on a lunchtime, maybe on a walk back from the Sacre Coeur- this is their website:

    Hope you enjoy- I'd never been and Paris has set a bug loose for city breaks now!

  7. I'm going to Paris in a couple of weeks, too. Blend is on my list - I'm there for the Paris Half Marathon so feel like a burger is necessary! x

  8. You have to try the salted butter caramel macarons at Pierre Herme...I'm drooling now just thinking about them!

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  10. Visit my favourite restaurant there:

    Amazing seasonal food, friendly atmosphere and great views of Paris, if you can nab a window seat.


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