Monday 9 February 2015

#SimplyBeReal moments

You may have seen some bloggers recently posting beautiful illustrations of their Simply Be Real moments, (those moments that show life doesn't go as planned) in collaboration with SimplyBe. Well, I'm joining in - I was recently approached by SimplyBe to share one of my typical moments as a blogger, to be immortalised in an illustration.

As a fashion blogger, there were so many silly moments that made me look like a complete weirdo to non-bloggers. Things like rushing outside in the snow to get a picture of my outfit before I got dark, always trying to wear an outfit I hadn't blogged about so I could feature it, receiving an embarrassing amount of shoes sent to work... the list is pretty endless. But now I blog more about food, I feel like I am less weird. It is kind of nice going out and not worrying so much about what I wear (although there's also part of me that MISSES caring so much), but instead, now I just can't eat something without whipping out my camera or iPhone.

And that's definitely my SimplyBeReal moment - but more often than not, it's Matt that suffers. He'll be dying to eat something, and I won't let him until I've taken the perfect photo. I do this to him all the time - I think it's because if I'm dishing up, I'll take the messy plate and give him the neat one... but of course, that's the most photogenic one. I would say 'Poor Matt' but he gets awesome food cooked for him all the time, so I don't feel too sorry for him.

Anyway, onto the point of this post - my illustration! I love it - Michael Jefferson perfectly captured those moments (although you can't see Matt's hangry face) and is so good - I thought it was a photograph when I first saw it. Thank you so much, SimplyBe! You can check out other women's real moments by visiting the #SimplyBeReal hashtag, and share your own too.


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  1. Mark just full on refuses to let me take photos sometimes, especially when he is hungry!

    Maria xxx


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