Friday 20 March 2015

Reasons to be Cheerful #14

After my post about investing in yourself I've been thinking a lot about little ways to make a positive difference to your life. Sometimes it's not necessarily about overhauling your life or spending a fortune, but just doing something small that will make you a bit happier. I decided to write a Reasons to be Cheerful post with a little difference - here are seven ways to try and cheer yourself up if you're feeling a little down, lost or just generally meh. They're working for me, I hope they'll work for you:

1. Fresh sheets
Isn't it funny how fresh bedsheets can make your day (well, night)? We invested in a couple of new sets when we moved and so they're still all crisp and white - no bobbles or greying yet. I'm still eyeing more though - my current favourite is this Catherine Lansfield Padstow Yorkshire Linen bedding set - I love the cheerful boat design.

2. Bright lipstick
I have been trying fervently for a while to get into lipstick, but have realised recently that my struggles were due to the wrong colours. I don't think I'll ever master the art of being someone who can wear red lippy every day - I just feel garish in it. However, I've discovered that pink shades make me feel glamorous AND comfortable, and I am going with it. I spent a small fortune in Sephora in Paris the other week, and keep nipping into Boots on my lunch hour. My current favourite is Rimmel Provocalips in I'll Call You - it's a bright, cheerful pink that doesn't feel too much for day, whilst instantly glamming up an evening outfit. Also, it lasts FOREVER. I wake up with it still looking perfect after a night out, it's baffling (and tells me I need to research better makeup removers, perhaps...)

3. New shoes
I always feel a bit happier when I wear heels to work - my posture improves and my usual office trudging turns into something of a strut. I'm digging these two tone heels at the moment from Brantano - and they're only £26 so not a guilty purchase, either.

4. Hobby buddies
Hobbies are always more fun with two, I feel, especially new ones. I'm so much more likely to stick to something if I'm doing it with a friend. Matt and I have decided that we're going to make walking our new joint hobby, and I'm actually really excited about planning lovely walks in lovely locations like Dunstable Downs and Hampstead Heath and maybe even further afield. I've even bought myself a Fitbit! It's great to have something to share that will actually improve our lives - right now our only joint hobbies are food and TV, which definitely make things happier for a little bit, but not really any healthier...

5. Read
I'm just coming to the end of Amy Poehler's inspiring book, Yes Please and it's getting me all jazzed up. It's more than just an autobiography, as she offers advice and life lessons. It sounds a little cheesy but it really has hit home with me - especially her chapter about making the most of your life, and not feeling like your life is over once you top 30. It's not! But it does back up everything I've been thinking about treating my body right now, before I get to the point of no return.

6. Dance
I do not dance enough, and it makes me sad, because I love it. I am at a wedding tomorrow night and am overjoyed at the prospect of dancing all night with my favourite people. If you're not 19 any more, don't worry - there are still places out there you can dance without feeling like the oldest person in the place. I prefer to embrace my cheesy inner core with nights like Ultimate Power, Guilty Pleasure or Popstarz - a lovely mixed bag of people, and pleasingly few of them are out on the pull.

7. Watch
I'm terribly guilty of just plonking down in front of the TV and watching E4 and Comedy Central, letting hours pass before I realise I've achieved nothing with my day. I love a bit of TV, but I'm trying to make more effort to watch something good - like a new TV show (The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt and Better Call Saul are my recent favourites) or an old one I missed (Twin Peaks, The Fall and Luther are on my list). We're trying to make a point of watching classic films, too, and are working our way through Hitchcock's back catalogue at the moment.



  1. Oh Twin Peaks -you're in for a treat. I love the idea of taking up a walking hobby. I just don't know where i would find the time to fit anything else in.

  2. Fresh sheets and bright lipstick are such mood-changers! Though maybe not together. Nothing better than crisp sheets soaked in Sunday sunlight in my opinion, potentially only better with a Netflix marathon and faux-truffle fries. (Yeah, I basically mean cheesy chips in bed.) Hope you're well Sarah!! x


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