Saturday 6 June 2015

Get your boobs measured. It's good for you.

I think every single girl I know would admit that she doesn't get her boobs measured enough. Of course, there are some of us who stay the same size throughout most of their life, and so if they get measured once in a while, that's fine. Then there are those of us like me whose sizes change constantly, and who should really be getting measured annually (at least).

I don't, though. I put it off and put it off, and it's only when I realise I'm rotating the same two bras, one of which is nursing a couple of holes, neither of which fit properly, that I think I should probably get that sorted. Which, yeah, accurately describes me about now. TMI? Nah.

Would I get on with it though, if I wasn't prompted? The good thing about blogging is every so often, I get that prompt. I've written about bra fitting services several times on here, and it's been great as it has encouraged me to keep an eye on it and update my underwear drawer on a regular basis. Because wearing bras that fit properly is really important. It's not just about not ruining the line of your clothes with the four boob effect caused by a too tight bra, or looking a bit saggy because your straps aren't tight enough. You're not doing your back or shoulders any favours by wearing a bra that doesn't fit properly, and poor support can even make your boobs saggy as the skin gets stretched a little bit every time you're bouncier than you should be. This is why you should always wear a sports bra, kids.

Now I've horrified and embarrassed you all by talking super graphically about boobs, you're going to want to get them measured, right? Well, pop down to Debenhams and try out their bra fit service. They have a massive range of beautiful bras suitable for every size and a team of experienced bra fitters on hand to tell your boobs what's what. Hooray.

Disclaimer: Debenhams kindly sent me a few (much-needed) bras to say thanks for writing this post.

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