Wednesday 23 December 2015

Dear Santa... My Christmas wishlist.

Essbeevee Christmas 2015 Wishlist

Oooh it’s nearly here, it’s nearly here! What have you asked for? I am fascinated by other people’s lists (I loved Poppy’s super honest one) and because the whole reason why I write a blog is because I assume other people find me as fascinating as I find myself, here’s what I am asking for...

Urban Decay Smoky Eyeshadow Palette

Urban Decay Smoky Palette
It seems like every blogger I follow lately has been talking about this palette, and, well, you were all right about the Naked palettes. Actually though, a smoky eye is way more my thing, so I’m pretty excited about this one.

Jamie Oliver's Everyday Super Food Cookbook

Jamie’s Everyday Super Food
I’ve really enjoyed Jamie’s TV show this year. I really got the impression that he’s made a lifestyle change and wants to share that with his audience, rather than just cashing in on the clean eating trend like some other chefs (sorry, Nigella, but I just don’t BELIEVE it). His recipes all look really tasty, and I can’t wait to try them out. If I don’t get this for Christmas, I’ll be buying it for myself!

ASOS Olivia Burton Rose Gold Mini Watch

Olivia Burton watch
I fell in love with this dreamboat watch a couple of months ago, and it’s no longer on ASOS so I think I’ve missed the boat. But isn’t it pretty? My current Ted Baker watch has been a bit problematic (do not recommend) so it looks like I’m in the market for a new one, whatever happens! And rose gold IS so beautiful...

UGG Sheepskin Slippers Winter

Ugg slippers from Spartoo
I get cold feet, and Uggs are the cosiest things ever. I keep considering buying the slippers for myself, and I still haven’t, but maybe this year Santa (or my long-suffering boyfriend) will get sick of my cold feet and do something about it.

Canon S95 Powershot Camera Compact

Canon Powershot S95
Lucy recommended this little camera to me at a blog event a few months back, and I’m hoping I’ll get it – or another Powershot – for a gift or with Christmas money. I adore my DSLR, but when I take it out with the external flash, although I get great photos, I also get a very sore shoulder. So heavy! I’d like a decent small camera for those out and about days, as my iPhone just isn’t good enough in low light.

Big Glass Trifle Dish

Trifle Dish
Is this cheating, as I’ve totally already bought it for myself? I don’t care. Happy Christmas, me! Trifles every week. EVERY DAY.

PS: Dear family, if these items are not on my Amazon wishlist then they have probably been purchased. Also, Christmas is in three days, are you really not finished? Tsk. I’ve done all my wrapping and everything, because I am super organised. Here’s some tips if you haven’t done your wrapping yet, though, because I am helpful.


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