Friday 25 March 2016

10 great recipes to turn your Easter chocolate into

Easter chocolate recipe inspiration with Lindt and Lindor

Four day weekend, four day weekend! I do love Easter. While I will make time to see the family this weekend, of course, there's a lovely relaxed feeling about this whole holiday that I don't usually get at Christmas. Easter, for me, is usually low on commitments and high on lie-ins, socialising and marathoning TV shows. I almost hope for bad weather so I can have a duvet day with no pesky sunshine encouraging me to go and take in fresh air. Pah on you, fresh air. Pah!

Actually, every day this weekend has plans, but I think there will still be plenty of time to bond with my duvet - and of course, indulge in some chocolateyness. I'm trying to resist my usual habit of eating all of the chocolate in one go - that whole 'balance' thing I'm attempting - but this might mean looking at some creative ways to share out my chocolate to take away the temptation. Which I'm already thinking about, after Lindt kindly sent me one of their Lindor Easter eggs, complete with 9 mini Lindor eggs - and I know there are more Easter eggs to come. So instead, I'm going to try and turn some of my stash into something more shareable.

If you have more chocolate in your house than you can eat (it happens, honestly), then here are some great recipes for using up leftover chocolate. Or, also, you can freeze it. It's actually pretty good frozen!

I know, all of these are super Easter themed and it might be post-Easter by the time you make these but hey, chocolate's always good, right? I WANT THAT FUDGE.

Easter chocolate recipe inspiration with Lindt and Lindor

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