Friday 17 June 2016

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Gift ideas for new homes

It seems like everyone at the moment is moving house, and it's... well, making me super jealous. I'm longing for a place of my own at the moment - seriously longing.

It also occurred to me that some of you might be wondering why I don't actually have a house of my own yet. If you remember, I moved back in with my parents at the start of 2014 to save up for a flat of my own. I hit my saving goal that year, but my circumstances changed, too.

Matt happened, in a nutshell - and it seemed silly to buy a flat myself when the two of us could pool our resources and get a house together, but it also didn't seem sensible to buy a home together after less than a year of dating.

So we moved into our rented flat last year, didn't kill each other, and realised just how much we wanted a house of our own. But that deposit I had saved isn't enough to buy a house in my area - it's a really expensive area - and we had a lot of problems with our rented flat (so damp. So, so damp.) so we made the decision to move back in with my parents for a few months while we got our deposit up to house-strength. It's the right thing to do, although we're both feeling quite ready to have our own space again. I just miss my KITCHEN, you guys. I spend all day looking at dream kitchens on the internet now. It's a problem.

Anyway, back to other people moving house, lucky so-and-sos. I'm super happy for you all, even through my envy. I think it's always nice to give someone a gift when they move in, even if you can't get there to visit them right away. When my friend Laura moved recently, I bought her this pretty vase from Dartington Crystal to jazz up her new living room:

Gift ideas for new homes

And when we moved into our flat, our friends bought us this lovely set of Royal Doulton mugs:

Gift ideas for new homes

I know, we all have too many mugs, but actually it's pretty freeing to throw away all the old grotty ones we've had for years - it was so satisfying throwing away Matt's 'Happy 21st' mug when we moved in. I helped my sister do the same a few months, by buying her these cute Cath Kidston ones for Christmas. So long, old Easter egg mugs!

Gift ideas for new homes

Barware is always an excellent choice for a gift, unless your pals don't drink of course. I love this copper cocktail shaker and this carafe from Not On The High Street, and I was recently sent this gorgeous whisky decanter and tumblers from Dartington Crystal. They're packed up at the moment, but as soon as we have our own home again, they'll be pride of place on our lovely bar:

Gift ideas for new homes

I love Oliver Bonas for home inspiration too, even though I sometimes find it on the pricey side. I pretty much would just like to move in there. This adorable ladlethis Three Blind Mice cheeseboard. So cute!

Gift ideas for new homes

If you're really stumped for inspiration, there is not a person who's just moved who wouldn't be thankful for vouchers from Ikea or I don't hold with this thing that vouchers are unimaginative - they're super useful.

Until we have our new house, I'll be projecting onto other people by getting excited about their decorating pursuits and spending an insane amount of time on Pinterest. Under-stairs bar, anyone?

Gift ideas for new homes

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  1. New kitchens are amazing.... and own homes. :)

    (And friends who buy lovely gifts for you.)


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