Wednesday 30 November 2016

Reasons to be Cheerful

I have had a great year. I'm not saying that to be smug, but rather to remind myself, because when I think about it, I've spent the year doing a lot of complaining. Going from sharing a flat to sharing a spare room hasn't been one of my favourite things ever, and that's been the source of much moaning, but when I step back and look at it, it gave me the opportunity to save up a house deposit which I would have never been able to do alone. And this year's been good for other reasons. I've spent it working in a job that I really love, I got engaged to a stone-cold weirdo who I adore and I've visited some amazing places. Yes, 2016 has sucked and overall, the world is a bit broken, but doesn't that make it even more important to count our own blessings? I kind of think it does.

So I'm bringing back my Reasons to be Cheerful posts - at least sporadically - because I used to be so good at updating them regularly, but I've lost the habit. So here's what's making me happy at the moment.

Holiday planning
So next year we'll be paying a monster mortgage and saving pretty hard for a wedding, but I'm determined that we can still squeeze in a trip somewhere. With this freezing weather, I'm longing for sun - somewhere like Italy would be perfect, and there are always great holiday deals around - although I'd also like to go to Copenhagen, totally going against the whole 'warmth' thing. And Iceland. I just want to get away somewhere lovely, please.

Oooh, I love a good pudding. I'm a bit addicted to the Pots&Co range, especially their salted caramel pots, which are just my level of ridiculously-sickly-but-I-could-still-eat-two. Plus, you're left with a cute little blue pot afterwards! Although if you have more than ten in your cupboard people will know how many puddings you eat.

Nightmare Before Christmas illustrated guide

I have been edging towards mad levels of Christmas excitement since around mid-October and now that we're FINALLY in December it's reached its peak. So I'm buying decorations and planning calorific cooking experiments and trying to work out just how much cheese I can eat in one go and of course, planning my Christmas movie marathon. Matt's pushing for Die Hard, we both agree on Elf, and I'm insisting on one of my favourites - the Nightmare Before Christmas. This year I'm going to introduce my nephews to it via this beautiful illustrated book that the nice people at Penguin sent me.

Board games
We have got kind of into board games this year. Well, games in general, some of them aren't board games. It started with Cards Against Humanity, expanded into Exploding Kittens and Love Letters, and we've dabbled in Settlers of Catan and Betrayal at the House on the Hill. Honestly, a board game night is one of the funnest nights you can have with your pals, as you can all yell at each other without taking it personally. And also now you're grownups, you can drink while you play! It's so perfect!

All copper everything all the copper time

Copper everything
The new house thing has really brought out my obsession with copper. I know, how basic am I? But I love it so much that people have taken to sending me pictures of copper things I might like, and I even bought a copper jack-o-lantern even though Halloween is over. I got this perfect copper vase from H&M and some copper tealight holders and I'm trying to persuade Matt that we need copper cutlery. I'll wear him down.

Kitchen gadgets
New house means new kitchen which means new kitchen gadgets! Absolutely ages ago, Lakeland sent me some cute little gadgets like a mango splitter, a pineapple slicer and a mini food processor and I haven't been able to use them, as there's always kind of a weirdness about experimenting in a kitchen that's not entirely your own, don't you think? Anyway, I'm looking forward to preparing many a pineapple and a mango, and basically being the queen of tropical fruit salads.

The most perfect Christmas dress ever

This dress
LOOK AT THIS DRESS OH LOOK AT IT WOULD YOU. It is so so so so so perfect. Christmas clothing is so often tailored to suit People Who Aren't Me, like shift dresses or long jumpers, neither of which suit me, so when I find a Christmas dress that's in a perfect colour, perfect print AND a perfect cut... well. I bought it, of course. You in? With the cute red shoes I found here? GREAT.

So many nice things! I'm in a great mood now. And to top it all off, here's a baby sloth yawning. Feeling better yet?

Baby sloth yawning

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