Wednesday 20 September 2017

FASHION: Where are all the nice coats this year?

This here is a rant. A good old fashioned rant. Because I'm cold, and I do not like being cold. I do like autumn, I like the excuse to get cosy, but in order to fully enjoy the drop in temperature, I need to be properly equipped. And as such, I have just one question to ask:


I have scoured the shops. I have scoured the internet. And all the coats are RUBBISH.

Well, okay, that's not entirely fair - some are quite nice. But apparently the fashion gods decreed that waists aren't fashionable this year, because I'm struggling to find any that aren't straight up and down. I've ranted to Matt, but he doesn't care - he's had the same coat for years and when he changes it, he'll probably go for something really similar (there's not a whole lot of variation in men's coats, anyway - they're all kind of classic and neutral).

No, every coat out there is cut straight up and down. And I've tried some on, but they look terrible and shapeless on me. I even tried on one a size too small, and no dice. Which was a damn shame, as it was mustard yellow and SO NICE.

To prove my point, here are a few that are ALMOST nice but there is something wrong with them. Click the image to go to the product page.

Too frilly. (ASOS)

Too long for my little legs. (Principles)

I don't WANT a fluffy collar, man. (Oasis)

I just don't think these buttons will be flattering on the old boobs. (Joe Browns)

It's basically a dressing gown, isn't it? I'm just not a fan of belted coats, the belts get annoying so fast. (ASOS)

It's so nearly cute, but the red trim takes it from military-inspired into costume-party. (Miss Selfridge - it also comes in black, but I am just not a fan of double breasted)

This is fine, I guess. But I really don't want another black coat, y'know? (ASOS)

In conclusion, I am annoyed about the lack of nice coats and am crossing my fingers that there are some nice ones yet to come into shops. Has anyone found anything nice out there?




  2. Personally, I like the frilly pink one but I know what you mean about the lack of waists in this year's selection. I'm keeping my trusty old indigo frock coat from 2/3 years ago and layering up my biker jacket with huge blanket scarves instead of buying something new (which isn't ideal - I love a brand new coat to face the winter months) x


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