Sunday 10 September 2017

TRAVEL: Holiday and honeymoon planning

Honeymoon planning for blogger essbeevee, California road trip with a stop in Australia!

I'm trying hard not to make my blog tooo much about weddings, but it's occupying a big part of my brain right now, so I hope you'll forgive me. And today I'm not talking about weddings exactly, I'm talking about honeymoons!

I touched on our honeymoon plans a little last year, and since then we've firmed up our plans (although we still haven't booked anything). I airily mentioned it on Twitter a while back and a couple of people asked where we were going, and I thought 'Argh, it's way too complicated to squeeze into a tweet!' So... blog. Long form content for the win.

So! Ever since Matt and I started dating, we've shared a goal to do a California road trip, but we haven't managed to do it because we've pretty much constantly been saving for something – first the house, now the wedding! So it felt like the obvious choice to do it for our honeymoon. It meant we could do it properly, rather than totally on the cheap, and we'd possibly be able to do a third week somewhere amazing (I was rooting for taking an internal flight to Florida and hitting up Disney, tbh).

But then our plans changed, slightly. And now that third week in Florida has turned into a third week in... Australia.

Yep, you read that right. Matt's sister lives out there, and is also getting married next year. She was originally planning to organise a wedding in the UK, but understandably, that's pretty difficult to do from the other side of the world. Luckily, she's planning it around the time we were hoping to have our honeymoon (September – a few months after the wedding in May), and we've managed to factor it in.

It's a little ridiculous, sure, and I'm sure you're wondering why we don't just do our full honeymoon in Australia. It would be easier, and cheaper. But we aren't people who can spend thousands on holidays every year – not even every few years, to be honest – so this trip is something we've planned and dreamed about for a long time, and we really didn't want to give up our dream honeymoon because we honestly don't know when we'd get to do it otherwise. And, actually, it kind of works. We'll be flying in to Australia, staying there for a week (with the wedding on Friday) and then heading off to LA on the Sunday. Flights from the UK to Oz sometimes stop over in LA, so we can do a direct flight, and because of wacky time differences, we'll actually land in LA at about the same time we take off from Australia! So weird. And then we have two weeks to spend in the US. Eeeep! Exciting.

We'll be flying into Sydney, spending a few days there then flying up to Byron Bay for the wedding. Then in the US, we'll spend the first few days in Vegas, recovering from our jetlag and doing some awesome daytrips like the Grand Canyon, before hiring a car and heading to San Francisco via some of the national parks. After a few days in SF, we'll head back to LA along the coastal road, hopefully stopping in Monterey and Carmel. LA itself isn't in the plan, other than as an airport – I've been before and wasn't particularly taken with it, although we may spend our last night somewhere like Palm Springs, as it's Matt's birthday. So hit me up with your recommendations!

I am someone who loves a project to plan, and having the honeymoon a few months after the wedding is perfect, as we can negate post-wedding blues by planning our honeymoon instead (and then we come back and can just focus hardcore on Christmas, it'll be fine). We're already looking up flights and working out our schedule, and getting more and more excited about what we're going to do (California cheese tour, anyone?). And we're also hoping we can take a few days right after the wedding, too, for a minimoon... one of us suggested Italy, and now it's probably going to be Italy... because we bloody love Italy. Who doesn't?

And that's the plan. It's a bit nuts, but I'm excited about it. And currently debating how to wangle an upgrade on our flights... anyone from BA reading this?


Honeymoon planning for blogger essbeevee, California road trip with a stop in Australia!

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