Friday 24 November 2017

FASHION: It's the sparkliest time of the year.

Find a whole outfit out of sequins

I'm a little cynical about this whole Black Friday malarkey, because it really isn't a British thing at all. I actually realised recently that a lot of people didn't actually realise that the whole thing is basically the American version of Boxing Day - for them, it's the day after Thanksgiving when all the sales start.

That said, it is quite nice getting a guaranteed day of sales before Christmas, and this week I've snapped up a few Christmas party outfits and presents. Oh wait, the presents I bought weren't actually reduced. But I did buy myself a Kindle!

I don't know, I think Black Friday is best for supplementing your winter wardrobe, personally. I spent a frigging fortune on Joanie, buying everything I've vaguely eyed this year while it was on 30% off but fully intending to send half of it back (oh god, I hope I do) and might have bought an evening dress for my wedding on ASOS, but what I haven't done is bought anything for party season. And the shops are full of sequin wonders right now - I'm a bit in love with this ombre wonder from Coast at the moment:

Find a whole outfit out of sequins

These sparkly shoes from Spartoo are to die for:

Find a whole outfit out of sequins

...and this jacket from Debenhams is something pretty special:

Find a whole outfit out of sequins

Just accessorise the lot with this sparkly bag from John Lewis which it says is for children but I do not accept:

Find a whole outfit out of sequins

And you've done it! You're a human discoball. I didn't really know where I was going with this post, but it turns out creating an entirely sparkle-tastic outfit was where. I feel accomplished.


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