Monday 29 January 2018

WISHLIST: Wedding shoes!

So my wedding is less than four months away and suddenly it feels REALLY SOON. But now is kind of the exciting part after months and months of saving money - we get to spend it! Our honeymoon flights are booked, our catering options are chosen (slow cooked beef, get in my face) and my dress fittings are all booked in. So now, for possibly the first time ever, my to-do list contains the item 'Buy shoes and accessories'. I have permission to buy shoes, you guys! It's on a SPREADSHEET.

Anyway, I've already bought a few bits - I'm a terror for buying and returning all the things - but I keep eyeing new options so I thought I'd share some of my fave pairs of shoes. I know from Twitter that a few of you out there are wedding planning too, so maybe you'll spot something you like here.

I'm also debating headwear options - veils, sparkly hair things, flower crowns. So many options! It's fun, but I'm finding it really hard to choose just ONE.



  1. I love the ASOS ones! I bought mine over a year ago (whoops!), but I still love them. They're gold sparkly t-bar ones and so comfortable!


  2. So now you have a rough ideal wedding planned right? Well, maybe your budget is a consideration, so time to start making your dream wedding work for your realistic

  3. Making arrangements for such an important day is never easy and that is why the days leading to a wedding are considered to be days of great stress and anxiety for the bride


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