Although they're not there any more, I still get quite a few enquiries about the illustrations that used to be on my blog layout. I really am so flattered that so many people like them, it really means a lot.

Several people have asked if I can do similar drawings for their own blog layouts. I’m honoured to be asked – but I’m by no means a professional artist, and as such they do take quite some time to do. I also have a full time job, contribute to two blogs and and am pretty strict about sleeping 7+ hours a night. So I’m afraid I can’t do drawings for free, no matter how much I like you. And I DO. You're my favourite, honest. But if people give me money, I will make time for them.

So! If you would like to commission me to do an illustration for you, please email me to discuss it. My rates start at £35 per drawing, depending on complexity and includes a coloured digital copy and the original pencil sketch. A single figure like the ones in my layout or the ones below would be £35 (per figure). A drawing of a couple (like this one of Sarah and Gray) would be £50. I would normally say to allow about a month for me to get them done although they can be done faster. Or, slower, if that's what you're after!

If you'd like to see more, here's my Deviant Art, and below are some examples of my most recent work:

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