Sunday 22 October 2017

REVIEW: Jamie's Italian, St Albans

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I feel like I haven't eaten out all that much lately. I don't mind too much - the novelty of having My Very Own House has still not worn off after spending most of last year in my parents' attic (we ate out a LOT last year), but it is nice to have a treaty evening every now and then. So I was very pleased to be asked to review Jamie's Italian, and back in my old stomping ground, St Albans!

It's a funny thing with a lot of the nice newer restaurants in St Albans, because several of them are converted pubs that I remember getting very drunk in as a teenager. Bill's is the old Wetherspoons where I spent pretty much every Friday night when I was 18 (and a fair few when I was 17), Cote used to be The Vintry where I first tried vodka and Red Bull (it's still disgusting) and Jamie's used to be The Bell, who were cheerfully casual about asking for ID. Ah, memories.

I've been to Jamie's a few times, and I tried out the pizzeria last year (which now seems to be a deli again) but it's been a couple of years since my last visit to the main restaurant, so I was interested to go and see what it was like these days.


Thursday 19 October 2017

LIFESTYLE: It's the most cosiest time of the year...

I feel like I never felt that strongly about October until blogging and Instagram happened. Now my feeds are inundated with people insisting it's the best time of the year, and I have to admit - it's infectious.

I always claim to be a hot weather person, which makes sense as I am pretty much always freezing ('Feel my hands!' is basically my catchphrase), but I actually think I'm far more in my element during the autumn. Sartorially, it's ace - all opaque tights and short skirts, my faves - but it's also pretty amazing food and interiors wise, too. Stews! Candles! Roaring fires! King size coverlets! COSINESS! And all with the hopefulness of Christmas on the horizon, too. Why fight it, guys? October's the best.

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