Monday 30 May 2011

I'm not your stepping stone.


When I first got my Nikon DSLR a couple of years ago, one of the first things I did was take my little niece out to somewhere scenic and take some lovely photos of her.

Ever since then, my sister and I have been trying to find a day when I could go out with her again and take some updated pictures. And finally, over Easter, my niece and I both had a free afternoon, so I loaded up my car with cute outfits and took her to the location I blogged about a little while back - the bluebell woods!

We got lost part-way up and stumbled upon a little stream, complete with stepping stones. So I got lovely photos in two different locations - and even though I say so myself, I'm so pleased with the results. The sun was out, the colours are so vibrant, and my niece is just the prettiest little girl in the world, isn't she?


Friday 27 May 2011

Oh, maybe sometimes I find it hard to comply with people that don't look you in the eye.

I was driving home last night, and all I could think about – in between deciding what to make for tea – was what dress to feature today. I had no photos saved from last weekend. I’d had a bit of an outfit-rotation-week at work, not wearing anything I haven’t featured before. And I couldn’t think of any day dresses that I could wear for casual Friday that I haven’t shown before.

When I got home, I had a root through my wardrobe, and found this little grey flowery number, which I bought last year from Primark. It’s the desaturated twin of this dress, although the fit isn’t quite the same. It’s a bit tighter, for one thing, which is why it’s been relegated to the back of my wardrobe for a while, as it didn’t fit! But I tried it on this morning, on the offchance, and it does again. By far the best thing about losing a bit of weight is rediscovering Lost Clothes, isn’t it?

I had my fringe cut back in last night as it had totally grown out. I'm so pleased to have it back - it just makes a simple hairdo, like a bun, so much more 'done', you know? And I will be re-redding my hair this weekend, too!

It’s cute though, and comfortable, and for casual Fridays – I am, as ever, leading a one-woman fight against the enforced wearing of jeans on Fridays – it’s kind of perfect. But it’s Primark, and I always feel like there’s an element of luck with how their clothes fit. Sometimes you can get it SO right – their shoes, for instance, are cut oddly wide, meaning they fit my plate-feet perfectly – and sometimes so wrong. And this is a bit awkward. The collar doesn’t lie quite flat. The sleeves are a bit tight. The zip is a complete bugger to do up. So yeah, while it is a nice dress, it’s also one of those dresses that you can’t wait to get out of at the end of the day and back into your pyjamas. I mean, your going out clothes. I have a social life, honest.

I’d accept this dress as an ‘almost there’ dress, if it wasn’t for the fact that it reminds me a lot of this dress and this dress, both of which fit perfectly and never fail to be comfortable. What do you think? Is it worth keeping dresses like that? Or do you think I should just donate it to the charity shop and use the spare hanger for something I like more?

Dress, belt and shoes – Primark
Necklace – Topshop
Nails – bare, for once!

PS - Sorry it's been a quiet week on the posting front from me - we were without internet access for most of the week! 

Wednesday 25 May 2011

Try to imagine it as an adventure, all sorts of things might happen.

The Railway Children is my favourite film of all time. I have such fond memories of watching it. Christmas Day, after too much food, semi-dozing in front of the TV. Off sick from school, watching our battered video of it. Or every time I catch it on TV, and have to drop EVERYTHING to watch it - even after I bought it on DVD. It may be marketed as a children's film, but don't underestimate it. It's perfection.

I can't think of another film that's so... TANGIBLE. I really feel like I could reach out and touch the items on screen. The apple pie looks like the best apple pie you'll ever eat. I can almost TASTE the iced buns. The crackle of the paper, the feel of the red petticoats, the roar of the steam trains. I'm sure part of this feeling is from watching it from such a young age - films always seem more REAL as a child - but I watch it now, as a fully-fledged adult (sort of) and it all comes flooding back.

"Pie! Apple pie!"

The cinematography is amazing, too - so many quirky camera angles, and so much detail in every single scene.

It's a gorgeously shot film - the costumes are stunning, the scenery so lush, and the colours so vibrant. Jenny Agutter and Dinah Sheridan are both heartbreakingly beautiful - so refined and elegant, whereas the other children and the supporting cast are just so well suited to their roles. I love that it's a film that's not about a great deal. There are no crazy escapades. Things happen, things run their course. They deal with some blows, but they pick themselves up and make the best of it.

Oh, Phyllis. Ever cheerful. You're my favourite.

Bobby, why are you so awesome?

I hope you are all appreciating what a fierce madam the kids' mum is. Check out that hat.

Need that dress, please.

I was totally fascinated with the scene where Bobby gets herself party-ready. Taking off her apron to show her pretty lilac dress underneath and changing her bow. I wanted to wear aprons!

The thing with a film like this, especially such a moving film, is that I choke up from the moment it begins because I know what's going to happen. I was trying to describe the 'Daddy, my Daddy' scene to my friend a little while ago and actually started crying because the emotion in that scene is so powerful. Hell, I blubbed going through the screencaps (no, really). 

It's a beautiful, moving story, and if you're trying to think of a film to watch at any time ever, except maybe when you've just done your eyemakeup, watch this one, because it's amazing. Flawless. I will not hear a word against it.

Screencaps taken & edited by me.
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