Wednesday 29 June 2011

Dance yourself clean.

Glastonbury is over for another year and I have a SAD. It was so awesome. It's ALWAYS so awesome. Even when you're standing in the pouring rain, watching a band that you don't like all that much, it's STILL awesome (partly because they sell hot cider! Hot cider is the best thing in the world. Why doesn't everywhere sell hot cider?)

The weather was crazy - pouring and muddy one day, beautiful and sunburn-inducing the next - but that's all part of Glastonbury's charm. I've even come back with a slight tan - VERY rare for me!

My highlights: Beyonce (AMAZING), Chase and Status (SO GOOD), The Kills (Alison Mosshart is SO FRICKING COOL) and singing American Pie in the middle of thousands of people along with Don McLean. Oh, and this one burrito I had. It was phenomenal.

Also? Circus skills - now an annual activity - and the Silent Disco.

I got it up there seconds after this photo was taken, I did!
I lived in this hat - just £5 from H&M - so stylish, SPOTTY, and ideal for sun or pouring rain! J'adore. And I didn't totally ruin it!


The non-stage areas are always my favourite bits - so much creativity and mad visuals all in one place. I loved the dystopian universe they created in Shangri-La - so weird and creepy and awesome.


If you're someone who has thought of going before, and been scared off by the mud and the camping and the everything - don't be. Yes, it's muddy. Yes, we got rained on. Yes, sleeping in tents and not showering is not that fun. But the highs way, way, way outweigh the lows. Everyone is having the time of their life, so everyone is lovely and happy. The music is incredible. The food is awesome. But more than everything else, it's the atmosphere that has brought me back six times already.

It's not on next year - there's a fallow year to allow the farm to recover - but I'm already plotting for 2013. YOU SHOULD COME.

PS - My friend Russell took a lot of these photos - well, all the best ones. His flickr is here - he is ridiculously good at this photography business.

Friday 24 June 2011

Do you realise that happiness makes you cry?

Remember how last week I was talking about the Tuscany wedding and OUTFIT CHANGE? Oh, I love an outfit change. It makes me feel like I’m presenting the MTV Movie Awards or something (I could do that, right?). Ta da. NEW OUTFIT.

The reason my fringe looks terrible is because all my styling products were in the bride's bedroom.

I actually spent most of the time in between the wedding and the reception lying down with my foot up. Something you may not know about me is that I’m really quite clumsy and accident prone. REALLY quite so. I’m the girl who fell down the stairs and (probably) broke her foot during her first week in a new job. I know, right, I come across so poised! (I don't.)

Anyway, so I’m sitting in the minibus on the way to the wedding, and I’ve just changed into my trusty skyscraper Matalan wedges, and I move my foot. And something clicks. And it hurts. So I take my shoes off... and it hurts MORE. The only solution is to keep my heels on all day, but by the time I stand up from lunch, I’m in agony. I still have no idea what I did – my doctor friends think I strained a ligament or something, because after a night’s rest it had more or less fixed itself – but anyway. That’s why I’m wearing horrible Primark flats! And why I suddenly have cankles!

This dress is a bit of a departure for me because I NEVER wear white. I also, until this holiday, never drunk red wine. Yep, there’s a reason why I’m awkwardly holding my glass there – I lasted about three minutes before spilling it down the front (But! Putting washing up liquid on the stain before washing really does work!).   I also got accosted by a baby. These things happen to me, I don't know.

Dress & Shoes - Primark
Necklace - Topshop
Nails - Barry M
Ring - Topshop (both mine & Sha's)

I found it in the sale section of Primark a while ago, though, and it was my size. So I tried it on, and it didn’t quite fit, but it was FOUR POUNDS. So I bought it and put it in the ‘lose half a stone’ section of my wardrobe. And then I lost half a stone! It actually fits beautifully – I really love the cut of it. It’s a bit awkward though, in a way, because although the print is so chintzy, the cut is quite dressy – it almost looks corsetlike. So there aren’t many occasions where you could wear a dress like this. But a pool party wedding reception? PERFECT.

Also. Did I mention that there was the biggest bottle of wine I'd EVER SEEN. Yeah, it all went.

The smallest one is the normal sized bottle!

The place we had the wedding reception was where all of our apartments were - we had our run of the complex. The day after the wedding, we all hung out in the evening and played drinking games, then went swimming at about 1am (and then Sha and I promptly swore, hopped out and got in the hot tub). We watched lightning flash over the hills in the distance, as gradually more and more people joined us in the hot tub (eventually there were eleven of us) and only got out when the sprinklers came on. At which point we all screamed and ran away.

It was amazing.


Wednesday 22 June 2011

You only hear the music when your heart begins to break.

If you've missed my tweets - varying equally between excited and stressed - I'm off to Glastonbury! I'm so excited - I don't care if it rains, I don't care if I come back entirely covered in mud (okay, I care a BIT) - Glastonbury is the best place in the world and I am overjoyed it's come around again! I've scheduled a post for Friday, but normal service will resume next week when I'm back. Have an amazing week, everyone, and if you're at Glasto and spot me, come say hi!
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