Friday 29 April 2011

There's no colour and no sound in the black and white town.

A couple of weeks ago, I found a dress in New Look. All by itself, nothing similar to be found, in my size. I tried it on, and it looked great. The only problem was that it was Wednesday... and payday wasn't until Friday. So I did what anyone else would surely do in that situation - I hid it. I found a rail of maxi dresses and buried my perfect dress in the middle of it. On Thursday, the dress was still there, but on Friday, when I returned, flexing my debit card, it had gone.

I'm amazed no one asked if I was okay as I tore around the shop, scouring every rail, with a look on my face somewhere between rage, anguish and desperation. And then I found it. A whole rail of them, in fact. Mission accomplished.

So it was gratifying, then, when I wore this fabulous, perfect dress out, that it wasn't a letdown in the slightest. I felt nice in it. I got complimented. The stars had aligned to create the perfect dress. It even looks just as great with a belt as without. I think it might be my new favourite (sssh... don't tell the other 28).

Dress, bag & tights - New Look
Necklace - Topshop
Shoeboots - Dorothy Perkins
Belt - H&M
Nail Polish - Top Turquoise by Model's Own

I also picked up a new bag in the New Look sale for the bargain price of £7. My work bag is falling to bits, and while it's not perfect, for £7, it'll happily do for now.

I hope everyone has had a lovely Bank Holiday - what did we all think of Kate's dress, hmmmm?


Wednesday 27 April 2011

I think the winter will be wonderful.

Just as I was putting the finishing touches to last week’s post about Matalan’s gorgeous dress selection, an email popped into my inbox asking if I’d like to have a nosy at their Autumn/Winter collection. Despite being firmly in summer mode now – oh so many florals, I LOVE IT – I couldn't resist, so off I went to London to sneak a peek and hang out with some of my favourite bloggers.

I loved this spotty dress – I pointed it out to Amy and she instantly said how ‘me’ it is – yep, I have a style and it’s predictable! I adore how they’ve styled it, too. I've always been cautious about scarves but this is making me think again.

This is gorgeous, although I think it’s quite summery – one to wear with a long cardi and a belt in the winter, and then rock out with bare limbs in the summer, perhaps.

This cape is the cutest thing I've ever seen. Praying my sister is expecting a girl so I can buy her it!

I love that they included home stuff, too. I love home stuff. It's one whole new thing to buy accessories for! They even have cute doormats. IT IS SO HARD TO FIND CUTE DOORMATS.

Amy and Lucy were fighting over this poncho – I think there’s going to be a riot when this hits stores. Amy won this round...

Thanks, Matalan, for a lovely evening – and it was so lovely to hang out with some of my favourite blogging ladies, Amy, Jen, Lucy and Sherin!


Monday 25 April 2011

Holiday, oh, holiday, the best one of the year.

This weekend has been...








Aaand chocolatey!

Happy Easter, everyone! How's your bank holiday been? Mine has been really rather relaxed. Lots of sleeping, spending time with my family, cooking, eating and reading (I haven't read a book since before Christmas but have read two books this weekend - so nice to get the chance to read!) I have the rest of the week off, which is really nice - I'm going to spend a day in London with my mum (she's never been to the Hummingbird Bakery, can you imagine?), sort out lots of blogging and website stuff and do a LOT of ebaying. Next weekend I have a baby shower and a wedding to go to, so getting all my relaxing out of the way now!

Friday 22 April 2011

I am young, and I am lost, every sentence has its cost.

Because it's suddenly turned so warm, the idea of wearing black tights seems crazy. I've spent the last week feeling so hot that I don't think I'll ever be cold again, seriously. But, really, it was only a few days ago that I was shivering away in my hosiery. Et voila, a dress.

It's funny, as I bought this a few years ago, when I didn't really 'do' dresses. It kind of kicked off the entire love affair. We could hold this dress responsible for this entire feature!

I wore this to the Matalan press day last week (which I'll be posting about soon). I love this dress - it's one of my go-to outfits, especially when I don't know what to wear, don't know what everyone else will be wearing, and just want to wear something that's nice but comfortable, that could see me through from 9am to 3am.

Dress, belt, boots - New Look
Nails - Top Turquoise by Model's Own

If it's a little familiar, it's the sister of this dress and this dress - remember I said I loved it so much I bought it in three variations? Meet number three. It has a hole in the waist that I hide with a belt, and I really should give it up (or attempt to patch it) but instead I prefer to stay in happy denial, and fondness of this perfect, yet slightly flawed little dress.

I hope everyone is having a lovely bank holiday weekend - I booked Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday off work too so I have holidays until May!! I have lots of catching up with friends and family planned though - and have scheduled in lots of lie-ins around all the little jobs I have to doo. Yay for holidays! What are your plans?

Wednesday 20 April 2011

I'll be blue, I'll be blue.

There's a little, secluded wood just outside St Albans that - for just two weeks out of the year - is completely covered in a blanket of vibrant bluebells. I couldn't resist popping down there on Sunday with my camera to take in the sights. Simply stunning.

The whole time I was there though, I kept thinking how amazing a blogger photoshoot would be down here. Picnic on Saturday, anyone?

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