Thursday 26 August 2010

All we ever see of stars are their old photographs.

Every time my sister and I visit our Granny, we can never resist going through her photo albums. My Granny's always taken loads of photos. I don't know, maybe it's where I get it from.

For my sister's birthday last year I borrowed some of her albums to scan in various old pictures of us being cute. You've seen some of them, actually! But amongst those albums was one entitled 'Old Pictures'. And when a 94 year old calls something old... well.

I think these photos are so incredible. The quality of them makes me ache - I would kill to reproduce those effects! I haven't tinkered with them at all - the jagged edges are real.

This is my Grandad. He died in my first year of university, and, god, I really miss him. He was such an interesting man. He was a Royal Naval Officer in the second World War, and a brilliant engineer. Even as an old man, he'd always be tinkering away, building stuff. My niece still has the dolls house that he built for my sister. He had an MBE, too!

The other thing about my Grandad was that he was SHORT. I'm 5'1 and looked down on him. He was nearly a professional jockey, but then the war happened. But he loved horses. (Me? Not so much. I think you're either a Rider, or you're not. My sister? Was. Me? NO.)

And this little girl... is my Grandad again! There's another photos which I couldn't find of him with massive ringlets. I think his mum wanted a girl.

And my Granny as a girl...

My Granny was so beautiful. I love all these photos, they look like postcards.

This reminds me of Atonement. Definitely one for my wall.

This is my mum and her siblings. Honestly, I complained about wearing glasses as a kid, but SERIOUSLY.

I don't know who that little girl on the right is, but I WANT HER COAT.

In other news, I'm so relieved the long weekend is nearly here. I'm off to a fancy dress party tomorrow (lifelong dream to dress up as Snow White shall be fulfilled!) and am planning on doing a car boot on Monday, but the rest of the time is free for relaxing. I approve. Do you have any exciting plans?

Tuesday 24 August 2010

She looks like the real thing... my fake plastic love.

Look at me! I'm back! NEARLY officially. We have all our Virgin Media hoojamaflips but it's not actually working yet. But as of tonight, neither are ANY plug sockets, so I am camping out at my parents house in my old room! Which means... blogging!

NOT impressed how different old room is. Isn't the rule that it's supposed to be kept as a shrine? No?

I was perusing Topshop today when I came across this bag:

It's nice, isn't it? Pretty, yet practical. A good size. Real leather. Long and short straps for versatility. There's just one problem. It's a little bit familiar.

I'm not a huge follower of designers, and only became aware of the Mulberry Alexa bag when Carrie at WishWishWish revealed hers (So jealous. And so envious of her saving skills!) earlier in the year. Since then I've seen fakes in New Look, Primark and Peacocks.

These 'inspired-by' bags are NICE. But they're such obvious fakes that it puts me off purchasing them. Similar is all very well, but they're so alike they're practically counterfeit Mulberry. I really considered the New Look one, but it just made me feel like I was 13 again, buying fake DKNY t-shirts from Bovingdon Market. Yep, I was a classy kid. It was the 90s, it was okay!

(Note: It was NOT okay.)

This isn't a rant about fake designer goods, though - if it's your thing, I would never criticise for it. Like I said, I've been tempted - and I've done it.

It's just, when I saw the bag in Topshop today, my first reaction was 'Oooh!' as I pondered that maybe a fake Alexa was okay, if it was real leather and decent quality. And then I saw the £85 price tag, which put me off a little more. And then I wandered back to work, thinking about the bag. Which also comes in navy, by the way. Just sayin'.

Here's my issue. Topshop have proved time and time again that they're more than capable of producing cult items. Remember the sailor coat? And the first Kate Moss collection? They're not just a high street store - they're a BRAND in their own right, seen as accessible designer-wear that's equally acceptable on the red carpet as at Oceana's.

And affordable - oh, I'm the first to complain that their clothes are overpriced for what they are, but £50 for a skirt is still within most people's budget (even if it means walking to work for the rest of the month because you can't afford the bus fare).

My point is, if Topshop wanted to create a great It Bag, they could make an AMAZING one. At a price that most girls could afford. Yet they chose to jump on the Mulberry bandwagon. Really, Topshop? REALLY?

3/10, Topshop. Must. Try. Harder.

Friday 6 August 2010

I aten't dead.

I just wanted to drop by and let you all know I'm still here! I'm still without Internet, but it's looking hopeful that we might get it installed next week. And then normal service will be resumed! Yay! I'm so looking forward to catching up on all your blogs.

To fill the gap between posts, here are some pics I took recently on my iPhone...

I turned 28!

I know, right, 28. God. Best card ever, though. Look at his crazy eyes!

I got new hair!

I really really missed my fringe.

I found a use for one of my 1950s suitcases...

Seriously, why doesn't the luggage of today have pretty ribbons instead of horrible elastic straps?

I found my favourite toy from when I was a kid, Rude Rabbit.

Don't ask about the name. Just. Don't. Ask.

I got a Diana Mini...

...which I still haven't used. But I will!

...and I managed to pretty much unpack! Booooookshelves.

I really love bookshelves.

Back with a real post soon! xxx

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