About Sarah

Short, ginger and hungry. That's probably the most concise description of me you're going to get. I live in St Albans, Hertfordshire, which is a little city (it counts because it has a cathedral! That's TRIVIA.) just outside of London. Commuters love it here.

I've been blogging since 2008 on a variety of subjects. For the longest time I considered myself a fashion blogger, but gradually I started to care more about food than about clothes and now clothes don't make it on here much at all. It wasn't always like that though. I used to feature a different dress every week, and was somewhere around the 150 mark when I stopped. My creaking wardrobe has thanked me.

Want to find out more? Check out my FAQs. Want to work with me? Check out my PR & Advertising page. Are you a local St Albans or Herts based business? Here's a page, just for you. I have a Privacy Policy too, if you're curious about that. Oh, and you can contact me at essbeevee@gmail.com.

Mostly, I write about food. Cooking it, eating it, throwing it... it's my one true love. You can expect diet-friendly recipe posts (I follow Weight Watchers, so they include ProPoints too), but also lots of decadent, push-the-boat out recipes too. Like this beautiful sundae. Isn't it beautiful?

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