Sunday 31 May 2009

Currently coveting!

One of my favourite things to do when I'm supposed to be doing something else is to look at clothes and decide what I will buy when I have money in my bank account. Yes, I'm still jobless, but hopefully it won't last much longer. I'm also still procrastinating on revising for my impending exam (Thursday!) although I'm procrastinating way less than I was, so that's progress, right?
£25, Rise
Saw it in my sister's magazine, and I want it. If I lived in summer dresses all the time, I think I would be at least 27% happier.

I was attempting to articulate to a friend how I wished I'd been born in the 50s, because I enjoy baking and big skirts. But then I realised those were my only reasons, and maybe being liberated (whilst baking and wearing big skirts) was a better thing. Anyway. Isn't this dress lovely? BUTTONS. And it's in the sale!

£18, ASOS
In the sale! I MUST HAVE IT. A little bit Chanel and oh so cute.

£16, ASOS.
I've wanted this belt forever. It finally comes back on the site after being sold out, and I have no money. :( Elephants = awesome.
A couple of maybe-skirts. Why does the perfect black skirt not exist? I have one from ASOS, and it's mad cute and flattering from the front, but from behind it makes my (already not-small) bum look huuuuge. Madness. Both ASOS, both £15.

I also have a serious yellow skirt fetish at the moment. I have no clue where it came from.
ASOS, £20

I'm still looking for the perfect leather jacket, but it just doesn't seem to exist. The irony of the situation is that when I talk to my friends about the perfect leather jacket in my head, they're all like, 'That IS the perfect leather jacket and I want it, why doesn't it exist?' I mean, right? Somewhere just needs to sell a leather jacket that is fitted, slightly cropped (landing at the point where the waist meets the hips) in a blazer style. No bomber jacket details. No biker attachments. Definitely no double-breasted] or asymmetrical zips. Perfect, right? So why doesn't it exist? SOB.

Although, saying that, now I'm seriously considering this
ASOS number. Hmmmm.

Thursday 21 May 2009

Pretty jewellery shaped things

Ever since ASOS sold an almost nice initial necklace at Christmas, I've wanted one.

(Yes, almost nice.
In photos, it looked all ornate and antiquey and gorgeous, but in the person it was cheap, light, overly bright gold, and it made me sad.)

However, I haven't been able to find any that I like - online, or anywhere. Aaanyway, so then I found a bunch of alphabet charms on ebay and decided to make my own. And haven't taken it off since. And now I have dipped a toe into the exciting world of Etsy!

Okay, okay, this is a shameless plug. But I am still a girl who loves her accessories, and just because I've made these, doesn't mean I don't like them, and that you won't either. Plus, they are reasonably priced, too!

And totally cute! Check out this adorable butterfly cuff bracelet thing!

And this, appropriately titled Wings of a Dove!

Go buy stuff and I will love you forever!

Monday 18 May 2009

Picture post: raindrops.

It poured with rain a little while ago. Oh, rain. I hate you. I mean, you help the grass grow and all that stuff, and stop the sea from going dry (although if there was no sea there would be no sharks or fish and I hate both sharks and fish! Oh, but I like dolphins. And mermaids.) but you are annoying, you mess up my hair, and you perpetuate the stereotype of this fair land. (I hate tea, by the way. I spit at stereotypes!)

Anyway, what with the rain and my dodgy hip* stopping me doing much of anything, I sat in my comfy chair and took pictures of the window. And I decided that rain is annoying, but it can also be kind of pretty, too.

* Yes, I have a dodgy hip. Am starting to suspect I am 86, not 26.

Friday 15 May 2009

An entry about tidying - a new level of mundane.

As I mentioned in my last post, I've been home all week, attempting to hunt for jobs and revise for an exam. I've also been doing some pretty heavy duty procrasatination.

The thing that I find with procrastinating is that I don't just watch TV all the time. I procrastinate by actually doing things. For instance, I've drawn more over the last two weeks than I have for ages. I've spent time redesigning my website (not up yet), working on creating an Etsy shop (watch this space) and embracing my normally very, very well hidden inner clean-freak.

I spent a large portion of yesterday sorting out my bookshelves. I am so sad I didn't take a 'before', because they were such a mess. Books piled on books, gaps in the shelves, lots of random crap like plastic bags stuffed in between the shelves, stuff like that. Awful. Functional, but awful. My bookshelves are at the very end of my bed, so I have to stare at that hideous display of messiness and disorganisation last and first thing, every single day. Sigh.

After I'd sorted it out vaguely neatly, I started sorting out my shoes, and ran out of space to display all my favourite ones neatly at the bottom of my wardrobe (and I do hate a jumble of shoes), and was struck with the fantastic idea to combine the two tidying activities. And this was the result:

Gorgeous yet impractical shoes:

Martini glasses* filled with pearls and filigree butterflies. Plus, my Christmas angel.

* My dad got me these at a car boot. Years ago, he broke a gorgeous martini glass that someone had given me as a present - it had this stained glass design. He promised to replace it, and although I keep seeing the same glass around Christmas time in Cargo (and Wilkos, surprisingly), I haven't got round to buying it again. Anyway, he proudly presented me with these a few months ago - they have a random internet company logo on one side. It was a case of, 'Um, thanks, dad, but these really don't replace the pretty glass...' But yay for finding a function for them!

Shoes I am scared to wear, lest I ruin them. So pretty, though. And mini doll shoes! God knows where the actual doll is. She was one of those dolls that you raised her arm, and her hair grew.

This is the disco dolly section, flanked by Harry Potter, which is not at all apt, really.

All three of the shoes displayed are shoes that I adore, but have never worn. Ideal for this purpose, though. Shoes as bookends? Stylish and GENIUS idea. I am amazing.

Thursday 14 May 2009

What I Wore Today: May 14th 2009

I love 'What I Wore Today' style blog posts, but my vanity and natural critical streak means that I rarely like pictures of myself enough to post them to the masses, outside of facebook and thehighstreet, anyway.

So, I decided to do a twist on those kinds of posts. This is what I wore today to go and meet my friend Sha in town. (Hi Sha! You're awesome.) I have not been working this last week (oh, how I hate job-hunting), and therefore have been living in my baggy, unflattering jeans or tracksuit bottoms. Basically, I've looked like a scruff. But the prospect of leaving the house got me all excited, so after a hard morning looking up nice outfits on blogs - um, I mean revising for my CIM - I decided to make kind of an effort.

Only kind of. I put on my old faithful skirt that I always feel nice in, and a red beret because my hair was a mess (hats are the BEST), and teamed it with a red pashmina-scarf because it was chilly. The red pumps were the obvious shoes to wear, and suddenly I was all coordinated!

Sha told me I looked very Parisian. Which wasn't deliberately what I was going for, but I will accept that compliment! I am actually, sort of French, anyway. Both my parents have French surnames and I look awesome in berets, so obviously I am entirely Francais. Oui.

Note: I have been slightly kind to myself in this picture. My legs are not that thin. Or long. And I'm pretty sure my hair was much messier than that. Everything else is exact, though, really.

Monday 11 May 2009

Cake related linkage.

The links of This Week are all baking themed! Okay, yes, I know that it has been far more than a week since the last Links of the Week. Hush.

Anyway, baking! I am on a Diet, and while I am exploring the delights of salad leaves (sigh), people keep posting awesome recipes to the internets. Mean.

Almond macaroons
However, these may be something I can make sooner rather than later, because they contain no fat! Other than the fat in the almonds, of course, but nuts are good for you, sort of. Sugar isn't, but ssshhhh. No fat! No fat! 

Sugar Donut Muffins
In my head these will taste like the donuts you get in dodgy seafront cafes and those weird little market stalls. You know, where it's all done by machine, and the donuts get splatted out by a machine in dough form, then goes along the little conveyer belt towards the boiling fat, get dunked and then get chucked out onto sugar, which coats them. And then into my belly. And even though you know they are pure fat and contain nooo nutritional value at ALL, they taste amazing because they are all hot and fresh and lovely. You know.

These may not taste like that at 
all, but I still want to try.

Chocolate Peanut Butter Bars and Nutella and Peanut Butter Brownies
Chocolate. Peanut butter. It may have once been decreed that ne'er the twain shall meet, but then the Americas were all like, 'We sell jars of chocolate spread and peanut butter all mushed up together!' and we were all like, 'Well, you guys stole our language and so we're stealing your idea, bitches.' And we did, and twinned the two, forever more. Although I think it's still hard to find chocolate spread and peanut butter all mushed together, but that's what recipes are for.

Although I think both these recipes are by Americans. Sssshhh.

And now I am imagining thick fresh white bread with butter, chunky peanut butter and a thick layer of nutella over the top. Wow. Sadly, being on a diet means I have none of these things. Sob.

Sunday 10 May 2009

New stuff! Sort of for free!

This year, I've bought two big presents for myself by the brilliant method of selling unwanted crap on ebay. The benefits to this method are twofold. One - less unwanted crap in my teeny tiny room. Two - new stuff for FREE. Sort of.

Anyway, the first purchase was Corioliss hair straighteners, which are a lot like GHDs, only better. They get my hair so much straighter than my GHDs ever did, they were cheaper (thanks, ebay!) and they have this funky cleaning power which basically means they burn the grease right off your hair. Just burn it off. Whee.

And they're
pretty. You know what? You should get some! I went here, but this is the official website. And the best part, I sold my ancient GHDs (whilst being totally honest about their age) for over £50! Yay!

The second purchase is actually way more exciting for me. I've needed a new camera for ages, because I used to use my phone camera on the really rather decent Sony Ericsson K800i, but when I upgraded to the apparently superior Sony Ericsson C902, which is not superior at ALL, actually. Well, the camera is rubbish, and that's really annoying because if I hadn't chosen a phone based on its megapixels, I could have got an iPhone! SOB. Anyway, I debated the merits of a petite point and shoot versus a fancy-pants camera with removable lenses and all that jazz, and went for...

A fancy-pants camera with removable lenses and all that jazz! Oh, Nikon D40, how I love you. It's such a great camera. It makes my friends look gorgeous (and they were pretty gorgeous already):

And it makes dismal seaside towns look like areas of outstanding natural beauty (oh, Exmouth, I love you really):

And it makes my cat look like she is a cat:


Lola is all like, 'Hai, no moar peekchas plz.'

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