Wednesday 29 April 2009

What the kids are wearing these days.

I know that at 26, I am technically still young enough to wear trendy clothes, even if they are hideous. Of course, I am blessed with a classic hourglass figure and therefore many trendytrendy clothes just don't suit me. Sometimes, though, this is a Good Thing, because I am not necessarily tempted to buy clothes just because they are fashionable.

I don't get why some things ARE fashionable, though. I mean, although I am just about young enough to not remember them the first time round, I have no idea why any fashion buyer would bring back harem pants. I DO NOT GET THEM.


You know when you wear a pair of ill-fitting and/or cheap tights and they gradually slip down so you end up feeling like the crotch is around your knees? WHY WOULD YOU CHOOSE TO WEAR TROUSERS THAT DEMONSTRATE THIS EFFECT?

This woman is a model. And she looks ridiculous. Who would want their torso to look longer than their legs?

Why would you choose to look like this man?

Or this man?


Images from asos.

Wednesday 15 April 2009

Lovely links of lovely.

One of the things I like about the newer versions of tabbed browsing - Firefox, Google Chrome - is that you can open a webpage and leave it open until you decide to look at it. I always have about 30 tabs open at a time and around 20 of those are websites that I will look at eventually. I know, right? Ever heard of favourites?

Anyway, a new feature which I will include sporadically is my... links of the week! Pages that I've clicked on, gone 'Oooh' and will eventually revisit when I want to buy those things or make those cakes or whatevs. Partly for my reference, and partly for yours. I mean, these links, guys! They are Of The Week! 

I love cake. Baking it, eating it. But you knew that about me, right?

This looks awesome and really easy. I'm so making this when I'm next not on a diet.

These look ah-maaaay-ziiiing. God. I want them so much. I will make them. I will eat them.

I will make these, because I love salted caramel. I will probably leave out the mocha though, because coffee is yeuch.

There are so many pretty online shops now! Honestly, the next person's birthday I need to buy for, I am so set for something lovely and unique. 

Lovely jewellery: 

Lovely jewellery and home stuff too. I looove home stuff:

Really unusually designed bags, cushions and other things. Want:


Thursday 2 April 2009

Vintage swimsuits: an exciting new obsession.

I could get excited about swimwear if it all looked like this:

I mean, I'd have to pretty much live on a Powerplate to sort out my hideous thighs, but still! I haven't actively coveted a swimsuit since I was 17 and a size 8. And even then I was all like, 'Well, everything suits me, hahaha.' I kind of hate my previously skinny self for the sheer smugness of me. 

Vintage-style swimsuits seem to be all the rage this year, which is kind of awesome. If only  my computer wasn't entirely made of rust, I would find you links, but I can tell you now that BHS and Tesco both have some adorable spotty numbers for around the £20 mark (if, like me, you can't bring yourself to spend £60 on something you'll barely wear). 

By the way, on a totally different subject, after I got over the initial outrage of Slumdog's 'Jai Ho' being sampled by the Pussycat Dolls (*crosses self*), I am appalled to realise that I actually kind of love the song. What's happening to me? 
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