Tuesday 29 June 2010

Home sweet home.

So, I'm back from Glastonbury, and apart from a wee bout of sunstroke, it was INCREDIBLE. Probably the best ever. I will be sharing some photos with you later in the week, I'm sure.

Right now though, I'm consumed with the world of interiors. I'm moving next week - ahhh! We are so not ready. We have hardly any furniture and apparently the plumbing needs a total overhaul but all I seem able to look at is pretty little things that really shouldn't be prioritised at all. But you know that's what I'll spend most of my money on. AAAACCESSORIES!

I'm a little obsessed right now with
this eBay store...

This clock is £2.99!!

Carrie's recent post on getting creative with paper flowers (plus the adorable little hair garland I bought at Glastonbury) has made me want to splash some cash at this store. I'm thinking little posies in vases, and maybe delicate little curtain tiebacks.

Lighting-wise, would you believe it, I'm heading to that high street bargain bin, Wilkinson! I noticed a while ago that they have a large selection of chandelier-style lights that are genuinely really nice. There are a lot that are really just ornate lampshades. So you don't have to mess around with lots of special bulbs, you can get glam lighting from just one normal bulb. This totally appeals to my lazy side. My lazy side is like 80% of me.

Also, I'm pretty sure all of the above are under £20. Bargain!

I've also found some lush duvet sets in BHS! Who would think? It just goes to show that sometimes the places you wouldn't think of on the high street have really nice - and often bargainous - finds.

I had plans to get some pretty cherry blossom wallpaper for a wall in my bedroom, but then when I started searching Etsy, I fell a bit in love with the wall decals from
this shop.

However, when I was balking on Twitter at the high price tags on some of the loveliest examples on there, my friend Lenny bopped me over the head and pointed out that painting them myself really shouldn't be an issue. So... let's see how that goes!

Finally, I'm looking everywhere for a reasonably priced desk. The problem is, the more I've thought about it, the more I don't WANT a desk. I want this.

(It's £550 though, so, no. If I was going to spend that, I'd insist on antique.)

I can't WAIT to get in there and get started making it over. It's going to be so much fun! I'll certainly be showing off all my purchases over the coming weeks, and our progress. SO EXCITED.

Wednesday 23 June 2010

The injustice of children's clothes... and other musings.

Well, I'm all packed and ready for approximately four hours of sleep before my friend Russ picks me up to haul us off to Worthy Farm.

Still sulking a little, as I didn't manage to find the perfect kagoul and welly set to take with me. Why don't they make outfits like this for grown-ups? Come on, hands up who would totally rock this ensemble?

(from Alfie's Feet by Shirley Hughes)

Don't miss me too much! I'll be back Monday - but probably won't be fit for human contact until at least Tuesday - and I have absolutely TONS planned for SBV when I return. Such as... my long awaited giveaway will eventually surface - I originally had it planned for reaching 50 followers and now I'm approaching 150! I think that just says a lot about my powers of procrastination.

Also, I haven't forgotten about my suggestion to include Photoshop tutorials - there was a definite interest there, and I've been planning them out as and when I get a chance, just working out the best way to display, how in-depth to go, etc. So they're coming up too.

And that's not all... summer always seems to make me incredibly nostalgic, and I have so much nostalgic content to post that I've even created a new label for it. And a new word.
Nostalgisising. Plus more baking, more outfit posts, and most excitingly of all - at least on a personal level - there's going to be a bit of an interior design theme over the next few months. I'm moving in with my sister and the Kid, week commencing 5th July - which is SOON - so that's going to be consuming my life for a bit, and my bank balance, and therefore my blog. I think I'm buying this bed. So pretty.

And finally, I just want to say thanks for all your lovely comments over the last few months. I've had this blog for a couple of years now, actually, but it's only in the last six months or so that I've really got into the swing of blogging. I've got to know so many lovely people, and your comments really do mean a lot. Plus, your blogs are all amazing, inspiring, and beautiful.

Have a FANTASTIC week. And wish me sun!

Friday 18 June 2010

Getting by at Glastonbury: Essentials.

Aside from the usual kagoul and wellies (even in the hottest of heatwaves, and in the face of hope-making articles like
this one, it WILL rain, at least once, so don't take that for granted - the great welly drought of 2005 taught us that much), don't forget the suncream.

It sounds unbelievable, but the only place this english rose ever tans is in deepest, darkest Somerset. Oil-free sun lotion like the Simple one you can just see in my picture is a lifesaver - it's designed for the face, so you can just use it instead of moisturiser in the morning.

Don't go anywhere without antibacterial hand gel. TRUST ME. Um, and loo roll. And cleansing wipes - the closest thing to a shower most of us will get. Gross, but... yeah. You'll thank me.

My makeup essential is going to be Gosh Extreme Art Eyeliner. If you've ever tried it, you'll know that getting it off is a job of work. Slightly worrying, the morning after the night before, when you've used makeup remover, slept and taken a shower and it's still not totally come off. But when you're living in a field... it's pretty ace. I always feel 80% better in eyeliner.

Don't forget a cool pair of sunglasses - I lived in my heart shaped Primark jobbies last year - and a straw hat goes a long way (I got mine for a fiver at Glastonbury a few years ago, so if you don't have one before you go, don't fret. It will save you from passing out from sunstroke at Dizzee Rascal, too.).

And yes, those are pearls. Why the hell not?

I ALWAYS paint my nails before I go - yep, your nails are going to be minging within five seconds, but this way you don't have to see them. Although I still haven't managed to stop mine from chipping within twenty seconds. I have the most chippable nails ever.

Other, more random tips - I recommend bringing a lilo. It made sleeping much happier last year. And it's cheap! And much lighter than an airbed (my dream would be a double airbed and a double sleeping bag, all to myself, but I refuse to carry it).

Fizzy wine in a can is the best invention ever (and Lidl have stopped selling it! Whyyyy??):

Bring the warmest clothes you own for nighttime (I have these hugely impractical fleece-lined tracksuit bottoms - why would you ever exercise in something so stifling? - which are perfect). Doubling up your tights, or even wearing tights under trousers makes all the difference. Also, Primark's thermal socks are the best thing ever.

And finally, just enjoy it. It's the coolest place ever, and there's so much to see. And if you see me bopping away to Foals, come and say hi! (Although that is unlikely, because it looks like they clash with Shakira, which is gutting, because their new album is SO GOOD. But, you know, Shakira.)


Thursday 17 June 2010

Lord help the Mister...

It's my big sister's 30th birthday today!! Happy birthday Becky! (I know, her party was like two weeks ago. We celebrate a month of birthdays in our family... well, my sister and I do, anyway. Please prepare yourself for July, because that is MY birthday month.)

I got her lots of lovely presents - a subscription to BBC Good Food magazine, some pretty photoframes with old pictures of us in, a Mr Frosty machine (which she said was her favourite present - we've both wanted one forever!) and even a birthday 'stocking' full of silly little bits from Hawkin's Bazaar like jumping beans and a magic tree! Remember magic trees?

I also got her the coolest card ever (stickers!!)...

...although my niece one-upped me as hers was just adorable and so sweet. That's a list of the things she wants to do to celebrate her mum's birthday. Let's just take a moment to AW.

(I know, her spelling isn't great, but she's only six...)

There's only a few weeks left until the three of us move in together, and I can't wait. I know it sounds corny but my sister is my best friend, no one knows me like she does, and we can't wait to make our house beautiful and spend our evenings making awesome dinners and drinking loads of wine.

I framed this one. Because the face of a little girl who has just been caught stuffing a massive lolly into her baby sister's face is too priceless not to share.

Love ya, Becksamina Boogle!

Monday 14 June 2010

Getting by at Glastonbury: Looking Presentable!

As soon as we have a minute of sunshine, every magazine, newspaper and blog brings out their own feature on festivals. From fashion and makeup to the music and celeb-spotting, down to just general survival, by the time the first festival of the year rolls around, we’ve already read it all.

I can’t help but wonder if half the writers of these articles have much experience at all of the actual festival experience. I certainly take their advice with a pinch of salt. This is going to be my fifth year as a Glastonbury girl, and over the years I’ve honed my own festival survival guide. Sooo, over this week, I'll be featuring one or two posts on how I manage to survive a week in a field.

Typically, of course, we are starting with two of my favourite subjects. Hair... and clothes. You know that little disclaimer under my profile picture about my hair? So true. I am a typical girl in that I spend a great deal of time worrying what my hair looks like. It’s gone through a few different variations at Glastonbury.

From hippy dreadlocks - my theory being that if I plaited it all, it wouldn’t look greasy or need brushing - oh god, it looks awful:

...to leaving it to its natural devices. Which worked brilliantly one year (although under the hat is a different story):

...and less brilliantly the next.

I actually can't believe I'm letting that photo out in public. I look like a clown.

Last year, I opted for the straighteners route, and it was surprisingly sensible. This was Saturday - bear in mind I had been there since Wednesday.

A series of cute up-dos kept my hair from looking too greasy, and also stopped me feeling too hideous. It was all about random plaiting.

This year, I’m going to finally attempt to master dry shampoo. I don’t know why, but every time I use it, I seem to do it wrong. I have no idea why I struggle with this! However, I've got the Batiste one for brown hair now, so I'm hoping even I'll be able to figure it out.

Onto the clothes... you see, too many years of battling mud encrusted jeans and combats has taught me to leave the trousers at home altogether. Have you ever tried to put on a pair of cropped trousers that were completely glued together at the bottom by mud? It's not fun! So - on the surface, dresses may not seem practical, but hear me out.

1 - They take up less room in your bag. Dress = complete outfit.

2 - Unless you’re in the habit of rolling around on the floor, a short dress is never going to get too muddy. Tights dry fast, and if they do get too splattered in mud, you can just change them. Ruining tights is much better than ruining trousers.

3 - Also, your kag in a bag will cover most of your dress, protecting it and keeping you dry.

4 - If it gets unbearably hot, you just need to lose your tights. If it gets cold, double up on the tights and add a pair of socks under your wellies. Dresses are amazing!

And yes, I know everyone is saying that playsuits are the current festival must-have, but putting aside the fact that they just don’t suit me, I can’t get over the idea of having to pull down my whole outfit in the portaloos. What if it slipped? Would get covered in mud. And other stuff. No thanks!


Wednesday 9 June 2010

Scream for ice cream.

Bit of a plug here (unsponsored, though) because I can't bear you lovely ladies to miss out.

The Ben and Jerry's Summer Sundae is on at Clapham Common on 25th July. As well as lovely, chilled bands (like the Doves and Cherry Ghost), and a helter skelter, and a bar and all sorts of other stuff... you also get as much free ice cream as you can eat.


It's normally on or around my birthday (a whole 4 days before this year) and is the perfect way to spend it. I missed it last year because I was at a hen do, so this year I need to eat double the amount of ice cream to make up for it.
You can buy tickets here - only £15 each! They're still available - but there will also be some released for the Saturday, too. Anyway, my ticket is secured - I'll see you at the Phish Food stand.

(I've been scouring my computer for decent pictures of this and can't find any - so I've stolen my friend Russell's. Check out his awesome flickr.)

I know, I've been really posty this week! Long may it last. :)

Tuesday 8 June 2010

Having a New Look moment.

I popped into New Look on my lunch break the other day and stumbled upon my achilles heel... a sale! I was fairly restrained, but couldn't resist this little denim sundress. For only a tenner!

This little number is definitely coming to Glastonbury with me. Plus, it has pockets. What's not to love about dresses with pockets? So practical! I also bought a pink top which I'm sure will be featuring on here at some point. It goes with EVERYTHING. Not bad for £8.

New Look is steadily becoming one of my favourite shops. Not only are they great at the basics (my best-fitting ever cardigan, the cult 120 denier black tights that I wear every single day in the winter), but their clothes always seem to recognise the existence of girlies with curves. The wedges are from there, too (last year).

Accessorized with my new haircut! I went for somewhere in between the two fringes in the end. And I LOVE how my hairdresser styled it - it was totally wasted though, I came home and baked all evening instead of going out to show it off. I am actually an old lady.

You can buy the dress here - it's a fiver less in-store though!

Sunday 6 June 2010

Heads will roll.

I actually still haven't seen the new Alice film, but it remains one of my favourite books. My copy of Alice Through the Looking Glass is especially treasured, as it belonged to my mother and is over 50 years old. Plus, it's so pretty.

Last night was my sister's 30th birthday party. I'm feeling a little shaky today - around five hours of dancing to Cheryl Cole and Justin Bieber with a tireless group of 7 year olds will do that to you (oh, and the several large glasses of wine might have been somewhat at fault, too). It was a fancy dress - my original costume idea was Cleopatra, but a certain birthday girl stole that idea...

...so I went for the Queen of Hearts instead!

I know, my sister is like 80% more tanned than I am. It was actually a really fun costume to put together. I got the dress from eBay, and was a little worried when it came as it's made of the thinnest, flimsiest nylon. The second I did up the zip it popped open - eeek. So I ended up wearing it over a little black dress, secured with that regular little fashion lifesaver, safety pins.

Yep, I look entirely sober in this picture. My favourite part of the night was at least three little girls came up to me and said, wide-eyed, 'Are you the Queen from Alice in Wonderland? I nearly came as Alice!' to which, I of course replied, 'Oh dear! I would have had to chop your head off!' *solemn nodding* Most of them told me I looked scary, but the niecelet told me mine was her favourite costume.

I did my eyes with red lipliner (I actually used to have a red eyeliner, inspired by that Kate Moss Rimmel advert, but god knows what's happened to it) and black liquid eyeliner. I couldn't find any lash glue so I painted on eyelashes instead of using falsies.

I look horribly shiny here - it was boiling on Saturday night! Oh, and I wore red lipstick, of course. I'm still trying to find a red lipstick that suits me, I'm not sure it exists.

I'm gutted I didn't get a great picture of my hair... I set it in loads of tight curls, gripped all over my head and fixed miniature playing cards (all hearts, of course) into the curls. The effect was great - and lots of people asked me who did my hair, which I took as a compliment! I haven't had a chance to do something creative and wacky with my hair in ages, it was fun! More fancy dress parties, please.

I accessorized it with my glittery red Topshop belt ('Is your belt part of the costume?' 'Um no, I already owned that...'), red tights and a couple of adorable heart rings. Thanks, Primark!

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