Thursday 16 July 2009

Shopping binge.

Here is a scenario. You have money in your bank for the first time in about two months. What do you do? What do you do?

If you're thinking 'Shop, shop, and shop some more', then you, my friends, know me
very well indeed. Oh, hello there, ASOS sale. Please take my entire paycheque.*

Am I the only person who, when buying a new outfit, often repeats the phrase that somehow makes it all okay... 'I can wear it to work!' Honestly, if I could get a job in which wearing party dresses was okay, I'd never need to stop shopping. Ever.

(All those pictures are linkable. Oh yes.)

And that's not including my little excursion to Primark (cute navy shirt dress that I'm going to put heart buttons on), Dorothy Perkins (ugly-cute yellow skirt that I adore and adorable patent pink flats) and New Look (dress I've wanted forevs and somehow squeezed into the only one left - a size ten!).

And now? Ebaying half my wardrobe so all this new stuff can fit in there.

*Note to Mothers who may be reading this. I sent almost all that stuff back. Honest.


  1. Suz has that purse! It's lush. I heart kisslock purses. The other stuff is pretteh, I like the sunglasses a lot, too.

    Good work, gold stars all round!

  2. I wanted it but by the time I got there it had sold out! So upsetting. Suz has good taste though. :)

    I actually only kept a few things - the rest is going back tomorrow (and yay, the warehouse accepts returns and it's round the corner from work!). Am keeping the red dress, the green skirt (am going to lop off the ribbons though) and the black halterneck top.

    The leather jacket, I'd coveted for an age, but it's hideous on. It has this gross stretchy ribbed bit on the arms. Yuck!

    Still, it's good, because I couldn't afford to keep it all...


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