Thursday 17 December 2009

The first frost... and then some.

This post was going to be all about how it finally feels like winter. I came out of my house yesterday and was greeted with the first real frost of the season, and promptly ran back inside and grabbed my camera. Pretty!

That sentiment is a little redundant now though, because I'm currently sitting, snug as a bug in my room, while snow falls outside. Real, proper SNOW. In DECEMBER. We really might have a white Christmas! And even though it will only take about 24 hours for everyone to be annoyed by our country's ridiculously low capacity to deal with even the slightest amount of the white stuff, and all public transport goes down while we run out of grit for the roads, for now, let's get excited about the PRETTY.

Woo for random flash effects!

It's even coating my windows!


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