Tuesday 7 October 2014

First Ever Concert.

Everyone remembers their first ever concert, right? Mine was PJ & Duncan, I was 12, and a very very big fan of young Declan Donnelly. Oh, you young ‘uns might laugh about it, but PJ & Duncan were a pretty big deal in the early 90s. They were! The concert was at the Royal Albert Hall! Their support act was the BACKSTREET BOYS! I know, right?

I still vividly remember deciding one day that I should become full on obsessed with PJ & Duncan, and heading down to the corner shop in the summer holidays to buy every magazine I could find. I plastered my room with posters and pictures from Smash Hits and J17. God, I miss the nineties.

I’m really excited about my niece, Ellis-Rose, getting to that age. At 11, she’s not far off, and she’s been saying for a while now how desperate she is to go to a concert, so it’s something that I really wanted to do for her. That’s one of the fantastic things about blogging, because every now and then an opportunity comes up that you’ve been wanting to do for a while, and it’s basically perfect. Such as the nice people at Seatwave getting in touch, and offering me a pair of tickets to see the Saturdays at Wembley.

I’m not going to deny that I kinda like the Saturdays – All Fired Up is a tune, and I will fight anyone who says otherwise – although I wouldn’t have necessarily chosen to go to one of their concerts. But we had a really good time! The main part for me was Ellis-Rose enjoying herself, and she really did. I loved looking down and seeing her staring around Wembley Arena in wonder, or her little face when the Saturdays played a song that she knew. And they put on a really good show! Plenty of dancing and singing live (which always impresses me, who struggles to get her words out after walking up the stairs), lots of awesome light effects and several costume changes.

It was a really great experience for both of us, and Ellis-Rose is already talking about her next concert (I may be getting some The Vamps tickets for Christmas!). Thank you so much for the opportunity, Seatwave!


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