Tuesday 23 December 2014

What's in my handbag?

I always find that the contents of my handbag vary by the time of year. In the Summer, there’s usually about three pairs of sunglasses (and an umbrella). In Autumn and Spring, there’s always an emergency hat in case of terrible weather. And in Winter – well, it’s all about the layers.

Debenhams sent me this lovely Oasis bag recently and it’s barely left my arm. It’s the perfect size for Christmas shopping as it’s so big – no chance of losing tiny jewellery packages and makeup through a hole in a plastic bag! I speak, sadly, from experience. I've just been using it a lot as a general carry-all though, it makes an excellent overnight bag, too.

I haven't been doing loads of my Christmas shopping on the high street this year though - it's so much more comfortable to do it online. According to a survey by Broadband Genie, 45% of people planned to do the same this year and avoid the high street and I don't blame them! Why surround yourself with stressful crowds when you can shop from your bed?

So... what’s in it?

I don't carry this around with my all the time, but it's always a plus when I can fit it in a bag, especially as I'm constantly shooting between my house and Matt's!

I’m glued to my iPhone pretty much 24/7. You might notice the chunky case – this is actually an extra battery and it’s incredibly useful. I got it on eBay, and just keep it on my phone all the time. It means that if I’m out and my battery goes into the red, I just click the button and it starts charging. It can go from 10% to 100% which I’m pretty happy with – no more dead iPhones on the train home!

Well, these aren’t exciting. But how cute is my Frankenstein lego man?

I am a tangle fest and this one is nice and small and doesn't break in my hair, which is a plus.

Cereal Bar
I hardly ever eat breakfast before I leave the house so I try and keep a couple of these in my bag. I looove these Oat So Simple ones - they taste like flapjack and they fill me up all morning. I try not to think how full of sugar they are, though - I'm going to be on a porridge with honey kick next year, I think.

Squashed away under my iPad is my hat, which I got in Topshop last year and promptly lost it, so I bought it again in the sale. Then, this year, when I went into the little suitcase I keep all my hats and scarves in, there were two versions of the hat in there. So god knows what happened there. But now I have two! And so it’s fine to keep one in my bag, because it doesn’t matter too much if I lose it. I always recommend a hat in your bag – it keeps you warm and protects from frizzies. So good for miserable drizzly days.

This was a birthday present and lives in my handbag all year round. I’m just about starting to think about wearing a thicker one now the weather has turned, but I’ll still hang onto this. It’s so light that I don’t mind carrying it around, and makes a big difference on chilly days. I quite often wear it when it’s cold in the office, too – yep, I’m that person! *shivers*

I’ve had this wallet a few years now. Fossil sent it to me as a thank you for hosting a giveaway back in 2011 and it’s still going strong. I love how huge it is and I adore brown leather – I think it looks better when it’s a bit scuffed. Although I am pondering replacing it with this studded Sonia Rykiel wallet - scuffed leather is great, but shiny new leather is better!

This M&S brolly is so old, but still going strong! I like that it’s super skinny. And it has stars on it.

I love my Carmex. I switched from Vaseline years ago now and I’ve never looked back. My lips are so much less chapped and more moisturised, and it’s great for this kind of year too. Pomegranate is my current favourite…

Face Wipes
These little individual Simple wipes are so useful for when I go into London after work and need to freshen up, or when I stay at Matt’s (although these days I have almost everything I need there). I always stock up on things like this in summer, when all the miniatures are in Boots. So handy!

It’s always worth having perfume in your handbag. Cerrutti 1881 isn’t my favourite (because I’ve had them smash in my bag before) but it’s nice and compact, generally good value, and it smells pretty good too.

Hand sanitiser
You can never quite be too clean, right? I'm not someone who applies it constantly (or even daily) but I like to have it for emergencies. This one smells of strawberry laces!


This one is from Cath Kidston and the perfect size to pop in your bag. I tend to use my phone camera more than anything else for a mirror, but it's always handy to have a real one, too.

For emergencies. You know.

What’s in your bag?



  1. I find these posts so fascinating because my handbag is usually incredibly sparse... aside from my purse and phone, nothing is in there intentionally... current guests include a butter knife (been meaning to get rid of that) and a spare pair of socks... eep!

    Nice handbag: I do have a soft spot for Oasis. How is it holding up?


  2. I need an emergency Snickers in my bag!


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