Tuesday 22 September 2015

LBD with The Galleria

I was asked recently to pick out an outfit inspired by London Fashion Week. Both parts were somewhat challenging - I'm quite the stranger to an outfit post these days, and can't say I've felt the urge to attend LFW for several years now. It's not really my thing any more - I mean, I can barely walk on cobbles in flats, let alone heels. Also, I've just never been THAT much of a fashion person, despite the fact I blogged about fashion for many years. Because so much of fashion - especially the LFW brand of fashion - is about standing out and pushing the boundaries, which while I think is pretty admirable, it's not really me. I just like to be comfortable and look vaguely presentable. Sometimes just the first one will do.

Anyway, I headed to The Galleria - which is an outlet mall of sorts in Hatfield, that I remember fondly as being the first inside mall in our area. It was a big deal. It had one of those shops with a crazy candy selection and I bought one of those giant gobstoppers and kept it in a plastic box for an unhygienic amount of time. But I turned out okay, so I condone that activity!

I enjoy the kitchen shops the most in the Galleria - there's a Le Creuset shop that I pretty much want to marry - but there's also a really good M&S outlet, a French Connection outlet (with some serious bargains to be had including £20 dresses!) and a TK Maxx. I'm at an awkward in-between size right now, so while I didn't come away with armfuls of bargains, I did pick up this cute LBD in TK Maxx that fits like a glove. As well as a zip, it fastens at the back with a pretty black ribbon - such a lovely detail.

It's actually apt, too, because an LBD is exactly what I've worn to previous LFWs - you absolutely can't go wrong with one, can you? I mean sure, you might not be adored by the street style photographers in your somewhat safe ensemble, but you'll feel cute, won't get stared at on the tube, and if you spill champagne down it at a show, no one will be able to see. Thank god for you, black, and your power to hide stains!

I wore this outfit last week to The Vine Leaves' first birthday celebrations, and put the above champagne anecdote to the test. For RESEARCH.

Dress - TK Maxx c/o The Galleria
Jacket - H&M (old)
Bag - M&S (old)
Necklace - Claire's Accessories
Shoes - Clarks c/o Spartoo


  1. Oh wow I love this dress so much! I think you've picked perfectly :) You definitely can't go wrong with an LBD x

  2. I love the combination of a frilly dress and moto jacket. It's the perfect balance of girly and grrrr! I don't feel like this is playing it safe at all! There are so many lovely little embellishments that make this look so special and memorable!

    <3 Liz

  3. You look gorgeous here, that dress is so pretty!

    Maria xxx

  4. Love the dress. xxx


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