Wednesday 25 November 2015

Tea advent calendar by Victoria Mae Designs

Ah, December. That joyous month where it’s legitimately fine to eat chocolate every single day thanks to the wonder of advent calendars. But it’s not just chocolate! You can get advent calendars for all sorts of things these days – the beauty ones seem to do big business, if the excitement of my Twitter feed is anything to go by.

Speaking of all sorts of things, I was recently sent a tea-themed calendar to review. Victoria Mae Designs sell two different advent calendars, one with just English Breakfast tea and one with mixed teas. The former seems a bit pointless to me – where’s the fun in that? But the mixed teas are plentiful. Out of the 25 included, there are six or seven different types including Moroccan Mint, Earl Grey and Mountain Honey Bush.

The packaging was rather disappointing – the teas are numbered with a date and popped in a box. I understand this is down to the logistics of fitting teabags in a calendar, but it meant that the teas had to be emptied out and put into a larger receptacle to put them in order. Not ideal, and it felt quite poorly thought out.

And the product itself? Well, I’ve mentioned many a time, I don’t like tea, but I live with a chap who’s quite the fan, so I’ve asked Matt to pop his thoughts below...

"I enjoyed the tea advent calendar, as I usually have a cuppa after dinner. I'd tried all these teas before, and while they were tasty, it would have been nice to see some more unusual flavours in there. However, for someone who only goes for the same Earl Grey with a splash of milk and one sugar, it could be a nice change and a chance to try something different. I loved the individual numbered packets, but I did miss the door opening experience of traditional advent calendars."

You can get this advent calendar at Victoria Mae Designs. I was sent this product in exchange for my honest review.


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