Wednesday 10 February 2016

Trip planning: Bruges

Trip planning for Bruges

We're off to Bruges next month for our second anniversary, and I can't wait! It's funny, Matt and I have travelled to a few places together - Florence, Paris, New York - but all of them are places I've been to before, so Bruges is extra exciting as it'll be new for both of us. Picking up some bargain tickets in the winter Eurostar sale is becoming something of a tradition, and it is a great feeling knowing that you're going away for a total steal. £70 return? Laaavely.

But what to do? I am a BLANK SLATE. All I know about Bruges is that beer is a big theme (and if I haven't learned to like it by now, I probably never will), but I'm hoping for other Belgian experiences like chocolate and waffles. Is Belgian wine a thing? Let's hope so.

It just looks beautiful and I'm excited to spend a long weekend exploring somewhere new. But I'd love your recommendations! Great restaurants, things to see, places to visit, stuff to do... hit me with it in the comments or on Twitter.


  1. Belgium is also good for steak. Lots and lots of steak!

  2. I have just returned from Bruges! Here is my blog post about it:

    I'd recommend you get waffles from Oyya - BEST WAFFLES EVER. Get them plain - thats how the locals eat them and you really don't need any extra stuff. They are delicious on their own.

    Also the Gingerbread Tearoom and the Blackbird tearoom are absolutely stunning. Reliva is a good plant-based restaurant too and I'd suggest going to the beer museum on the first day - go to the beer tasting at the end and get a map from the people behind the bar. Its made by the locals of bruges so has got loads of great tips and suggestions on where to go! L x

  3. I went to Bruges on a day trip (from Amsterdam) around Christmas and found it very busy and a bit disappointing. There were crowds and queues everywhere, but I assume it will be much better at a quieter time of year! I'd suggest going to the chocolate museum.

  4. Bruges is very pretty and they absolutely have waffles! And chips and mayonnaise. Chocolate goes without saying, and as I remember there's quite a lot of lace on sale as well. Seem to recall hauling my ass up some tower as well and looking down over the town.

    Have fun!

  5. Lots of lovely lace on sale all over the place! If it's not to cold and the boats are there take a canal-trip, Bruges is a wonderful medieval city with so much history! and is best seen from the waterside.
    Lots of lovely small resturants - they are keen on fish.
    It is a great city to just wander around in and take in the atmosphere.
    Have a lovely trip!


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