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Glastonbury 2016: The best food stalls

It already feels like a million years since I came home from Glastonbury. Do I always say that? I think I might. It always feels so far removed from the real world to me – I don’t read newspapers, don’t use a smartphone – it’s a total bubble, enhanced by the whole ‘back to nature’ vibe of sleeping (practically) outside and not showering.

This year was amazing. Muddy, but amazing. Probably the most tiring one I’ve been to, and as such maybe not my favourite ever (nearly losing one of my beloved walking boots from Spartoo in the mud was the opposite of a highlight), but the music was fantastic, the company was brilliant and the food… well, you can probably guess. So here’s my annual roundup of what I ate this year, although it may read a little like a greatest hits of 2014 and 2015. When the mud is a foot thick everywhere you go, it’s a little less tempting to explore lots of different stalls and a little more tempting to go back to the ones that you know are going to be good. And they WERE good.

(Some of these photos are annoyingly blurry, sorry.)

Annie Mae’s
This was my first Glasto meal, which I pretty much inhaled after skipping lunch and doing two trips to the car with all our stuff (that's like 4 miles, peeps). Somewhat controversially, I don’t really rate Annie Mae’s. Everyone goes on about how good it is, but I find it kind of bland. The toppings are just that – toppings – so within a couple of bites they’re gone and you’re left with sub-par mac’n’ cheese. Just me? Perhaps. Anyway, I had the Don Macaroni (with crispy bacon, basil oil and basil) and Matt had the Kanye Western (with beef hot dogs, bbq sauce and crispy onions) and they were perfectly nice and filled me up, which was required, but also… meh.

I go to Luardos every year, because their burritos are consistently amazing and so are their nachos. I had the beef brisket this year which was, you guessed it, amazing. This year they seriously hiked their prices up though, and I paid £9 for a burrito, and while it was absolutely worth it, burritos shouldn't be £9. I've never had Luardos outside of Glastonbury, but they're at various other street food events too like KERB in London, so I'm kinda curious to go and see what their non-festival offering (and prices) are like. I didn't photograph this for some reason. That reason was because I ate it.

La Grande Bouffe
It's just so fun to say! BOOOOOF. La Grande Bouffe does various food but their speciality is tartiflette, which is potatoes cooked with cream, cheese and bacon, smothered in a white wine gravy, topped with a pork sausage and a little bit of salad. It's rich and dense and delicious and just the ticket when you're knee-deep in mud and the dark clouds are gathering. In over ten years this was my first trip to this stall, and now I have no idea why I waited so long. BOOOOOF.

Buddha Bowls
I wrote about these last year, and let me tell you, they're better than I remembered. It's an incredible box of goodness - brown rice, vegan massaman curry, season greens, carrot and kimchi pickles and omega seeds, topped with optional halloumi (as if halloumi is ever optional, pshaw). Oh, it's SO yummy. Healthy, yes, but it doesn't stop the curry being super creamy and the halloumi being super cheesy and the whole thing being fresh and delicious and just absolutely my favourite thing ever.

Diamond Dogs
Hot dawg! Look how beautiful these are. We ordered two and shared them - the Da Boss Dog (pulled pork, BBQ sauce, chipotle mustard) and the Duck Dog (confit duck, peanut crumb, spring onion and hoi sin sauce). I know, you THINK the Duck Dog is going to be the winner but the Da Boss was, well... da Boss. The duck was kinda drying. But anyway. Hot dogs are delicious.

Le Rac Shack
I went to the Rac Shack last year too, and had raclette (melty amazing cheese) on potatoes. This year though they've added a second part to their stall, where they serve raclette on steak, either in a baguette or on chips. Matt went for the baguette, I went for chips. Matt won this round sadly, because the chips were SO over-salted that I could barely eat them. What the heck, guys? I love salty food, so if I'm saying this was too salty, you'd better believe it. Also I nearly choked on the steak. But that was kind of my fault for not chewing. Anyway, the baguette was apparently amazing. So I'm bitter about my chips.

Jerk Chicken
I do not remember what this stall was called, but it's the one with the big BBQ grill thingy. They do gooood jerk chicken. I have been here many a time. There are big chunks of beautifully marinated chicken with crispy bits and a big pile of salad and rice and beans. Yum. I've decided I need to try my hand at jerk chicken as a matter of urgency now. Thanks, Glasto. You always give me the best food inspo.

Giant Yorkshire Pudding Place
I assume this place has a name and that this place's name is 'That giant Yorkshire pudding place near the Pyramid Stage'. There was some dense food this year, have you noticed that? It was oh so cold and wet and muddy. Anyway, I had a giant Yorkshire filled with roast pork, crackling, stuffing, sausage, mash and gravy and it was stodgy AF but also amazeballs because stodgy AF is exactly what I fancied. And then I got a hot cider! And chatted randomly to a lady who lived on the street next to our old flat in St Albans! It was a great Sunday.

Eat Well
I would not have gone near this place if my pal Rich hadn't recommended it. Eat Well is kind of a misleading name, but it wasn't full of health food, it was full of BBQ! Yay! But not your typical pulled pork or beef brisket type thing, they did shredded chicken with a delicious sweet and spicy mojo sauce, and a similar pork one. They came with smashed sweet potato and stuffed in a pitta. We ate them on our last night before grooving away to Earth, Wind and Fire, and they made us happy.

Glastonbury, your food game was as amazing as ever. I miss you. Have you guys eaten anything amazing at festivals this year?


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  1. Ah I'm even more gutted I missed out on tickets for this year now. Only been once and the food is still in my dreams! Such good food game.
    A Story of a Girl


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