Sunday 13 November 2016

TRAVEL: Visiting York at Christmastime

One of my favourite opportunities that my blog has given me is the opportunity to explore new places. I may not get sent to the Caribbean or Disneyworld like some lucky ladies, but I do love travelling to different parts of the UK and getting to know somewhere new. This last year, in particular, when we've been living with my parents and saving so hard to buy our house, we've jumped at any chance to get away on our own for a night or two.

Our next little minibreak is a weekend in York at the end of this month, in collaboration with Visit York. I'm really excited - I absolutely love that part of the country, but last time we headed up that way for a hotel break at Ox Pasture Hotel, I was struck down with a UTI and spent most of it crying and wanting to die. It sucked. It was early December, and we were excited to see the Christmas market and enjoy the area and instead we just about saw the back of the Christmas market before I had to give in and go to bed. So this is our second chance to do York at Christmas, and I'm excited to do it right.

Our visit is part of Visit York's Original City Adventure campaign (which is, adorably, hosted by a Yorkshire Terrier), and we've chosen the Foodie Adventure which means we'll get to try some amazing food while exploring the city. We'll also get a York Pass, which gives us entry to over 30 attractions.

Here's what's on my list...

Afternoon tea at Betty's
Is there really anywhere else for afternoon tea? Betty's is simply the best with beautifully decorated cakes, amazing scones and even Pimms if you're that way inclined (which I totally am). I've been dreaming about it since their London blog event last year.

York Christmas Market
Oh, I love a Christmas Market! Decorations and fried food and sparkly lights and mulled wine and mulled cider and WHAT ELSE CAN YOU MULL?

The Shambles
I am a sucker for windy streets of quirky shops with beautiful buildings like The Laines in Brighton, and the medieval streets of The Shambles doesn't disappoint. It's a real life Diagon Alley, and I'm expecting to come back with pockets full of homemade fudge and cute bits of jewellery and whatnots.

York Chocolate Story
Did you know that Smarties, Kit Kats and Terry's Chocolate Orange were all invented in the chocolate factories in York? This tour goes through the history of chocolate-making in York, and apparently you get to eat some, too. SOLD.

The City Walls
Walking the walls of York is a rite of passage when you visit the area, and while my heart may lead me to one of the many pubs and restaurants in York instead, I like to think that I'll complete the whole walk. It's only about 2 miles, after all.

I'm really looking forward to it, and this video from Visit York which combines their biggest attractions and most beautiful scenery has definitely added to my excitement.


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  1. York is lovely (my home town) the Christmas market is being set up now and Thors bar/teepee. There are loads of new bars/restaurants & coffee spots not just the blah chains you find everywhere else. Do the ghost walk from the Shambles (do not do the one from the Minster!)The chocolate story is rubbish tbh if I were you I wouldnt bother, there are many nicer/ morē interesting things to do.


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