Friday 24 February 2017

WEDDING: Honeymoon planning (well, fantasising)

Wedding planning blogger - honeymoon thoughts

It’s over a year until we’re planning to get married (I am like 73% sure the wedding posts will diminish during that time, I’m sorry I'm talking about it so much at the moment) and I can already tell that our planning is going to be anywhere but linear. We’re fixating on the little, insignificant details in a big way while giving rather less attention to the massive, significant stuff. Table names? Nailed. Venue? No clue.

And in that ilk, I’m idly planning our honeymoon. The honeymoon that we’re not actually intending to take until a few months after the wedding. I know why, of course. Hard savings this year means that exciting holidays has to take a backseat, and I’m getting all wistful for sunshine, interesting food and fun things. Currently I’m leaning towards an American road trip with a side of Disney, but there’s so much more out there to potentially choose from. The world is, quite literally, our oyster.

No, wait. That’s not literal at all. The world is not an oyster. Anyway, here’s some other honeymoon options that I’m toying with. I’m sure I’ll involve my fiancĂ© in these plans at some point.

Wedding planning blogger - honeymoon thoughts

Back at the end of last year, when our savings account looked alarmingly healthy and we hadn’t actually paid any of the money towards our house yet, Matt’s favourite joke was to suggest spending our deposit on a cruise. I say joke, he actually worked out how much of a cruise we could get with our deposit money (a pretty epic one, actually). I was resistant at first, but I see the appeal. A big, travelling hotel with lots of food and drink on tap, beautiful (and always changing) views and the option to explore somewhere new every day. It’s pretty damn tempting, to be honest.

It is starting to feel like the universe wants me to go to Australia. Matt’s sister lives out there, and last year one of my best friends moved out there with her adorable baby. And another of our friends headed out there a few weeks ago. So basically, we aren’t short of places to stay. Plus it looks nice, and hot, and beautiful, and we all speak the language, which is handy. It’s also far, and not the cheapest place to get to. Also, people who go out to Australia don’t tend to come back. Not in a menacing way, it’s just apparently so great that they get enticed away by that whole ‘better life’ thing. And I quite like my life here, I’m not sure I want to be enticed.

Exploring Italy
Oh god, I bloody love Italy. It’s just so beautiful and the food is so amazing and the wine is so cheap. The idea of doing a tour of the best bits is incredibly tempting. My only concern is that I’d come back unable to fit into any of my clothes because of all the cheese, pizza, gelato and wine. But I’d be so happy.

Exploring France
As above, but replace gelato for pastries and pizza for… steak? Croque monsieurs? Eating and drinking our way through the South of France sounds dreamy.

Iceland, Japan, Copenhagen, Chicago, Berlin
Yeah, turns out there's an awful lot of other places I'd like to visit. Maybe I should ask for a plane as a wedding gift. Or a boat. No luggage, though - I have plenty from Spartoo!

Have you got any travel plans this year?


Wedding planning blogger - honeymoon thoughts


  1. Sounds exciting! I have given the entire honeymoon responsibility to my fiance - I want it to be a complete surprise! Can't wait to see what he plans...

    NINEGRANDSTUDENT: A Lifestyle Blog

  2. All the options sound pretty awesome! I have no travel plans this year for the first time in forever. Going to have to live vicariously though others! xx

  3. They all sound great. We went to New York for our honeymoon. No travel plans set in stone for this year as yet although we are looking at Sorrento and maybe a cheeky weekend visiting my husband's brother-in-law in Newquay.


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