Wednesday 22 October 2008

Fabulous Wednesday! Because the coat demands it.

My new coat is totally awesome, you guys. Check it out!

That's not me in the picture because I am not a blonde model, but I do have boots very similar to those. Not tartan tights though. I really couldn't rock that look.

It's from Warehouse, but if you want it, good luck. It sold out pretty much instantly, and as I decided I wanted it about two months after it hit the shops, I've had quiiiite the experience hunting for it in my size. I'm far too average, it seems.

I've been to about a million Warehouse stores (no, but seriously. About ten.) and attempted to order it from the internet (fail) and put out appeals to everyone I know (and some people I don't know) and eventually found it in on a spontaneous trip to Harrow. It took a month. And I'm not working, so it's become a full on obsession. But now it is mine!

And... oh, it's so nice! And flattering, and tartan, with an awesome teeny waist and full girlie skirt, and when I wear it, I kind of feel like Blair Waldorf.
There is not much more a coat could do for you.

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