Wednesday 15 April 2009

Lovely links of lovely.

One of the things I like about the newer versions of tabbed browsing - Firefox, Google Chrome - is that you can open a webpage and leave it open until you decide to look at it. I always have about 30 tabs open at a time and around 20 of those are websites that I will look at eventually. I know, right? Ever heard of favourites?

Anyway, a new feature which I will include sporadically is my... links of the week! Pages that I've clicked on, gone 'Oooh' and will eventually revisit when I want to buy those things or make those cakes or whatevs. Partly for my reference, and partly for yours. I mean, these links, guys! They are Of The Week! 

I love cake. Baking it, eating it. But you knew that about me, right?

This looks awesome and really easy. I'm so making this when I'm next not on a diet.

These look ah-maaaay-ziiiing. God. I want them so much. I will make them. I will eat them.

I will make these, because I love salted caramel. I will probably leave out the mocha though, because coffee is yeuch.

There are so many pretty online shops now! Honestly, the next person's birthday I need to buy for, I am so set for something lovely and unique. 

Lovely jewellery: 

Lovely jewellery and home stuff too. I looove home stuff:

Really unusually designed bags, cushions and other things. Want:


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