Wednesday 29 April 2009

What the kids are wearing these days.

I know that at 26, I am technically still young enough to wear trendy clothes, even if they are hideous. Of course, I am blessed with a classic hourglass figure and therefore many trendytrendy clothes just don't suit me. Sometimes, though, this is a Good Thing, because I am not necessarily tempted to buy clothes just because they are fashionable.

I don't get why some things ARE fashionable, though. I mean, although I am just about young enough to not remember them the first time round, I have no idea why any fashion buyer would bring back harem pants. I DO NOT GET THEM.


You know when you wear a pair of ill-fitting and/or cheap tights and they gradually slip down so you end up feeling like the crotch is around your knees? WHY WOULD YOU CHOOSE TO WEAR TROUSERS THAT DEMONSTRATE THIS EFFECT?

This woman is a model. And she looks ridiculous. Who would want their torso to look longer than their legs?

Why would you choose to look like this man?

Or this man?


Images from asos.

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