Wednesday 24 June 2009

Holidays are love.

I got back from Turkey about a week ago. It feels like longer - I've been super busy. I've started a new job, I've entertained Americans, stuff like that. And I'm going to Glastonbury tomorrow! Today, actually, because it's really late. I'm all packed and I'm just about to paint my nails bright pink. Good times.

Anyway, Turkey was great! Really hot, which my pale skin just
adored, and pretty! Look, here is a Temple!

I know, right? It's a Temple! Of Apollo! We also saw a tortoise. A WILD tortoise!

And hurrah for the sea.

My holiday was dramatically improved by the following items:
BHS polka-dot swimsuit, £20

SO CUTE. And flattering. I loved how it was a halter-neck, so was very strap-mark friendly, and when I was out of the pool, it was super-easy to convert to a strapless cossie. And, no wobbly tummy issues! Perfect. When did BHS get so good?

Straw hat

Mine was £5 from Glastonbury, and is actually made of hemp! So apt. But this kind of saved my life, as it was SO HOT that I would have just burnt to a crisp. And what's worse than a burnt scalp? Um, nothing, that's what. Plus, it kind of made me feel like a cowgirl.
Toni & Guy Beach Curl Spray, £5ish.

Everyone loves these sprays at the moment, and while I'm desperate to try the Bumble & Bumble version, I can't spend £17 on it, I just can't. But I took this out with me, and OMG, my hair has never looked so good. I chucked it on when it was wet and by the time I'd finished breakfast it was all dry and curly and pretty. Amazing. I was almost as happy with it as with my loved and lost John Frieda spray. I am very curious to see if it works the same kind of magic in English conditions. But for holidays - ESSENTIAL.
Okay, time to do the nail-paintings and then go to bed. I am taking way too much stuff.

See you in about a week for my own little guide to surviving Glasto! (if I do)


  1. turkey looks lovely! i'd love to go there, and also greece, to see all the ancient ruins.

  2. I was in Greece last summer and i was soo impressed with all these old statues and akropoles! I could feel the history there. It was awesome.

    I'm dying to find a swimsuit like this BHS one. It is love!

  3. The old ruins are so beautiful, and kind of awe-inspiring when you think about just HOW old they are. And huge. The Temple of Apollo was the only one near where we were staying, but next time I go, I really want to go on some of the trips to nearby towns and islands and see some more of the history and culture around the place.

    Lucette, I think BHS might still have the swimsuits... if not, Primark do! (Oh, sorry, I just clicked on your profile and you're not UK based. That style is really in this year though, am sure you can find something similar!)


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