Tuesday 2 June 2009

Studying in the sunshine.

So, two days to my exam. Thursday. I might have mentioned it. Eeeep. It's actually a retake, so I'm determined not to screw it up... but it's so hard getting my head round revision when I haven't done it since school. Plus, hand cramps! Surely you should be allowed to type your answers now.

Plus, when the weather is this beautiful, reading about marketing theory is the last thing I want to do. I really hope it lasts for Glastonbury.

So yesterday, instead of spending all day shut in my room with my books, I decided to venture up to the quiet meadow at the top of my lane and study there instead. Camera in hand, of course.

SO much nicer than my bedroom! It was just me and a few sheep. Slightly menacing sheep. I think if I'd mentioned mint sauce, they would have trampled me.

Unfortunately, it was so warm that it made me want to sleep all afternoon instead of study. But I didn't get sunburnt, which was an unexpected joy. :)

So, bloggers, where's your favourite place to study?

Back to the books. :(


  1. i do not study, but well I remember the view from the windows of your house. can i just move in with you?


    I hope not to study any more.


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